Gloria Alford

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Inhabiting the present

  Jules Feiffer in his book Backing Into Forward writes, "there is no there or now or past. Only the instant, the blink, the spark, but where is the fire the fire that warms, illuminates and can also singe and scar?" When I paint I fully inhabit the present. My eyes, my consciousness... I'm entirely focussed. For me, painting  is a form of meditation. Sometimes what I create can bring pleasure to a viewer or perhaps elicit a question, "What is it?" meaning, "What is it meant to be?" or,... [more]
Posted by Gloria Alford on 8/10/10

The Artist Skips Over Eighty and Achieves Eternity, poem by Jack Foley

THE ARTIST SKIPS OVER EIGHTY AND ACHIEVE ETERNITY (poem by Jack Foley) gloria the sleeping princess awake gloria whose wit astonishes whose art astonishes whose mind astonishes (the beautiful princess tells us of the world)   whose Byzantine is a reign of rivers-- whose--   is as old as wonder   (approximately 2,400 electronic circuit boards, tied together with copper wire, enclosing a woman's form modeled after the jade burial suit of Chinese Princess Tou Wan, Han... [more]
Posted by Gloria Alford on 8/4/10