Christine Greenslade

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love has no bounderies, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper/On Wood 1 M Sq © christine greenslade
the bully, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper/On Wood 30cm X 1.22m
the beach gigolo, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper/On Wood 60cm X 80cm © christine greenslade
Oblivion, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper/On Wood 60 X80cm
Father & Son, 2010 Acrylic And Newspaper On Wood 1.22m X 74cm © christine greenslade
A walk in the Park, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper/On Wood 60cm X 1.65m
The man and the frisby, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper/On Wood 35cm X 65cm © christine greenslade
A puppy is for life 32cm X 60cm © christine greenslade
looking up to Dad 46cm X 40cm
monday morning gossip!, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper 60 X 80cm © christine greenslade
Pair of geese, 2010 Acrylic, Newspaper 40 X 60cm © christine greenslade
The Fish that didn´t get away !, 2010 Newspaper And Acrylic 70 X 50cm © christine greenslade
my little pony, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper 1.70 X .60cm © christine greenslade
The new hat, 2011 Acrylic, Newspaper 1.26 M X 61cm © christine greenslade
dreams of picasso, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper 40cm X 30cm © christine greenslade
time to rest, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper 40cm X 44cm © christine greenslade
the speed walker in the park, 2010 Acrylic, Newspaper .60cm X 80cm © christine greenslade
new recruit, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper 1.30m X 60cm © christine greenslade
returning home, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper 70cm X 50cm © christine greenslade
shall I eat or play?!, 2011 Acrylic Newspaper .60cm X 35cm © christine greenslade
the snowboarder, 2010 Acrylic/Newspaper On Acrylic 40 X 1.M © christine greenslade
caught by the tail!, 2010 Acrylic/Newspaper 32 X 64cm © christine greenslade
the dispute, 2010 Acrylic, Newspaper 1.70 M X 62cm © christine greenslade
50 years of marriage- love is understood, 2010 Acrylic Newspaper 1.25m X 61cm © christine greenslade
Speed walker in the park, 2010 Acrylic And Newspaper On Wood 80 X 60 X 1 Centimeters © Greenslade
Quick Facts
Penzance, Cornwall, England
Birth year
6th May 1947
Lives in
Armaille,49420,Maine et Loire, France
Works in
different mediums ,on wood or canvas
St gertrudes Convent School ,penzance,Cornwall, England, 1962
Cornwall Tech. College
Contemporary art and collage surrealism mixed-media modern

CHRISTINE GREENSLADE  artist surrealist/contemporary

The artistic atmosphere in Cornwall when I was young,  was vibrant , free,and broke with tradition. .Places like St Ives attracted different types of artists showing a new sense of freedom and outlook. From potters ,sculptors and artists the place was alive with talent.  My own love of art, however had to wait .  Trained in hotels and eventually  running my own interior design company, specialising in hotels and restaurants.  Winning awards and recognition  for designs in advertising and hotel work as shown in the whos who of the International group hotels.

Eventually, due to a recession, I closed my business ,and travelled with my 12 year old daughter , first to France and then to the Spanish Andulucian mountains .  Frustration at my situation drove me at long last to paint.  It was as though every part of my being had to be put down in colours,  it was cleansing and an adventure all rolled into one.  I started to look how other artists painted and tried to learn more.  Picasso ,showing the one thing I couldn´t seem to do, simplicity and a sense of joy. He would take his brush and stroke the canvas in a curving line... when he finished, it said it all.  Brilliant!  So I re thought my approach,  making more use of newspaper which I often used in my paintings, this simplicity allowed me to  convey a character or a feeling which would normally take tedious hours and often loose its intensity.  I then used colour to portray  the emotion of the painting.  At the moment I am using acrylics and newspaper on board.  I hope people will enjoy this new simplicity and see the character of the people portrayed.  My life experiences and a crazy unreal imagination, will always hold me in good stead never to be at a loss for new ideas , to keep developing.   Imagination is a wonderful thing ,it is forever moving, expanding, changing shape and sometimes almost loosing itself in a oneness,  but it is all art .