Darcy Dahl

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Installation - Day 01, 07-02-2008 Photography © JC Rice 2008
Installation - Day 03 Detail, 07-05-2008 © JC Rice
Installation - Day 03 Detail, 07-05-2008
Installation - Day 03 Detail, 07-05-2008
Quick Facts
Fargo, ND
Birth year
Lives in
Bronx, NY
Works in
Bronx, NY
Golden Valley Lutheran College, 1982
University of Minnesota, 1989
detritus, residual, mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, traditional, digital, figurative, exhibition/performance


“The object of drawing is, for me as an epistemological artist, is firstly, to see: to challenge my perceptions - to refine and expand my ability to perceive. We assume objects as symbols to incorporate them into our lives effectively; the daily grind can “mute” or “freeze” what i consider mercurial reality - context is ever shifting. So by drawing, I am not just “seeing” an object anew - I aim for original, singular experiences. I make anti-signs (or anti-symbols). The act of the curdling of practical perception from objective reality is a physiologic one—processed by the body/brain in an emotionally visceral response. By displaying the residue of my experience and some of the procedure I employ in digesting my response to it, I attempt to create an opportunity to an empathic experience os seeing something anew, that labels might fall away, and somehow experience an emotional response (receptive cathexis) similar to mine when I experience the mundane singularly (the function of drawing).”