Karin Turner

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Sacrifice Your Self Doubt, 2010 Acrylic 30x40 Inches © ¬© karin turner
Some Burdens Are Really Sweet Blessings, 2010 Acrylic 36x48 Inches © ¬© karin turner
Things Have Changed but I'm Still Here - Pluto is Still a Planet to Me, 2008 Acrylic 36x48 Inches © ¬© Karin Turner
Be Your Strongest Advocate, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas © 2012
Various Images - OASIS GALLERY in American Steel Studios Bldg
2013 KarinsArt at OASIS Gallery in American Steel Studios Acrylic On Canvas © 2013
Karin Turner with TAOLB2013 OASIS gallery artists. , 2013 © 2013
TAOLB OASIS GALLERY 2013 show entry hall, 2013 © 2013
Never Save Time For Regret, 2012 Acrylic 36x48 © 2012
Quick Facts

Karin Turner works as a painter and  mixed-media artist . 

She has created figurative acrylic and watercolor paintings  for nearly two decades. 

 Her current work reflects an integration of traditional canvas mixed media acrylic paintings, watercolor works on paper, and   assemblage sculpture installation with other mixed media to create simple straight-forward  messages that can be experienced in both a visual and affective  manner.


My work  examines of  the combination of brown skin,watermelon,natural hair, voluptuous figures,and how aesthetically  uplifting affectations influence  women. 


I offer images of stylized self portraits of my h2omelon woman that are stark, real, funny, and honest, that transcend race and class. 

They are purposely glamorized images that boast an idealized femininity in its truest form; buoyant, tolerant, happy,sexual, loving, and joyous self loving. 

*The underlying exploration that runs through my work is an examination of how actions are influenced by personal experience  and how those experiences can either enable or inhibit a desired outcome. 

 I am always amazed at how frequently viewers express almost a  relief to view an image that grants  permission to feel worthy,joyful,  stronger,sexual,  and tolerant-(accepting) of what they feel are their imperfections. Part of this amazement is because these images are like big 'post-it' notes reminders to myself at times, and well, it's a relief to know i'm not alone in these particular moments of self criticism. 

Publishing my work is an attempt at raising a positive joyous static through self awareness.   

As a society, we have achieved an imbalance by  becoming very practiced at welcoming,socializing and highlighting negativity   without a relief of optimism .   In my experience I've found that "joy" is often dismissed as a subject unworthy of exploration because it's not 'heavy' or salacious enough to be taken seriously.  Joy is a simply a  discipline that must be practiced. My imagery is a tool of this practice.  I take my JOY very seriously, yours too. 

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