Megan Frances

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Fleur de Lys 14 (Flowers) Acrylic On Found Textile 9 X 9 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 13 (Triptych Windows) Acrylic On Canvas 36 X 37.25 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 12 (Leaves) Acrylic On Found Textile 9 X 9 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 11 (Soulful Night) Acrylic On Canvas 24 X 12 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 10 (Sunset View through Two Windows) Acrylic On Canvas 22 X 28 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 9 (View through two windows) Acrylic On Canvas 22 X 28 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 8 (Garden) Acrylic On Found Textile 9 X 9 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 7 (Vert) Acrylic On Found Textile 9 X 9 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 6 (Le Jardin) Acrylic On Canvas 30 X 24 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 5 (Violet) Acrylic On Canvas 24 X 8 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 4 (Blues) Acrylic On Canvas 20 X 10 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 3 (Vista) Acrylic On Canvas 20 X 24 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 2 (after J.M.) Acrylic On Canvas 20 X 10 Inches © Megan Frances
Fleur de Lys 1 (en rose) Acrylic On Canvas 12 X 9 Inches © Megan Frances
Quick Facts
Ottawa, Canada
Lives in
Los Angeles, California
New School of Art
L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Saint Etienne, France
Representing galleries
Los Angeles Art Association / Gallery 825
modern, figurative
Current Exhibitions and Events
Jan, 2019
Intangible in Paint
The Loft Art Studios & Galleries
Megan Frances / Painter

While primarily abstract, my paintings include symbolic representational subjects. Allusions to landscape and plant forms reflect my passion for nature and the environment. In my current series, I am exploring the Fleur de Lys as a point of departure for composition. Intensely personal, the Fleur de Lys refers to memories of my experience as a young art student in France. My adaptation of the Fleur de Lys is a further abstraction of the classic ancient symbol. Each painting in the series is limited to a select few elements  the Fleur de Lys motif, leaves and derivative shapes. In some of the more recent works, I incorporate a window, as if viewing a garden from indoors.

Integrity of line and composition are paramount concerns in my work. My imagery is drawn and painted freehand with graphite pencil and paintbrush, gauging spacing by sight instead of relying on measuring tools or other devices. Forgoing symmetry, I strive for a sense of balance with a degree of unpredictability. After constructing a motif, I gradually deconstruct it until it becomes unrecognizable. I employ a nuanced two-dimensional effect, building on multiple layers and finishing with a smooth patina.

I developed the foundation of my style and technique while attending art school in Canada and France, but my work is also greatly influenced by my formative years when I lived in the Bahamas. The undiluted light and colors of the sub-tropics infuse my palette. Surrealism, hard edge painting and geometric abstraction inform my approach.