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A metaphor of a black hole to trauma – The tortured Artist, time rifts, vision and creation from within a multiverse; Vision which is not pinpointed but which speaks.

    Let us take the black hole to represent trauma in that it is a rip in the space time continuum, and therefore disrupts and effects the order of all things. All matter (or meaning) is sucked in to a black hole, and light is bent so that ‘real things’ can not be perceived in a linear fashion, just as trauma disrupts the perception of all aspects of an initially perceived reality set. All meaning is “sucked into” trauma which becomes the new force defining of reality, nothing that was... [more]
Posted by Elizabeth Margaret Jervis on 6/21/10

John Frow, to think memory as writing. - A musing on the memory to expression process

John Frow, to think memory as writing.   Experiment: I say the words in my head before and as I write them but I say as I write, the pre-part exists as a buzzing, that I am going to write them now.   It doesn’t feel like a projection in to the past where the end is given at the same time as the beginning, but when I think the writing I have only the words present. Only the words in my mind. One thing, totality. And yet can I imagine where they came from?   I noticed all three of you left... [more]
Posted by Elizabeth Margaret Jervis on 6/21/10

"Writing entering a text"

 This is where, Laura suggests Derrida suggests, writing enters Freud’s text.   ‘Writing entering a text-‘ what a beautiful and adequate piece of poetry.   Where the unwritten in existence becomes written, becomes text, and becomes no longer true to the essence of what that is.   According to Derrida the very physi-meaning in Freud’s analogy of breeches (the physicality of words) is an ephemeral decoration to the essence of memory, the ‘invisible and ungraspable difference between... [more]
Posted by Elizabeth Margaret Jervis on 6/21/10

Breaking free from the Shackles of History

“Breaking free from the shackles of history”   I was just doing some reading for my Linguistics course when that phrase ‘breaking free from the shackles of history” bobbed in to my head, that was brought up and stressed by Ashley Thompson in class. I haven’t been and looked at the text yet, although I have had a thought about it.   In order to break free from the shackles of history a person has to confront their personal demons (the ones society so conveniently provides get out clauses... [more]
Posted by Elizabeth Margaret Jervis on 6/21/10

Slarips - Pome

SLARIPS Art is just reason without the argument, That is the only answer I have got. Why why why why why? Aren’t I doing it. Fear is another answer to think of. Death escapes us. It rides around and around in circles Painting minds with discretion Hides and colouring, painting our Minds with wonderings and doubts We dare not to figure out. For the answer is in the puzzle We shelter and swelter out. Sweating hate and weird fright about things causing damage, But there is no truth in that. Death,... [more]
Posted by Elizabeth Margaret Jervis on 6/21/10