Katherine Dube

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John Glick; Juror Statement  
Katherine Dube at Baltimore Clay Works September 19th, 2008 - December 31st, 2008
Posted 11/12/08
Platters & Pourers Jurors Statement I want to thank all artists who submitted to the Platters and Pourers exhibition. It was a pleasure to be able to see the many fine examples of these two distinctive venues presented for viewing. And, as I had hoped, there was a great deal of variety in approach to interpreting these concepts. Some entries bypassed the function aspect that could be implied in these two “functional” categories to render sculptural interpretations. The open-minded... [more]
Katherine J. Dube: California Flora and Fauna  
Katherine Dube at High Studio Fine Art Gallery March 15th, 2008 - April 25th, 2008
Posted 4/6/08
I enjoy the process of discovery, starting with vessels and familiar forms of nature, taken to their less logical conclusions; setting up a symbiotic or even parasitic relationship between the elements of my work. Trained in the sciences, I allow the habit of inquiry and love of complexity of form to take hold in my work, exploring the connection between science, contemporary art, and the natural world. [more]