Katherine Dube

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Katherine Dube: Waves - Ceramic Wall Installation

  Ceramic Wall Installation 8 x 4' Katherine Dube 2010 Los Angeles, California Waves Katherine Dube 2010 Waves installation is a new series incorporating rows of ceramic vertical strips alternating against bare space. The overall composition continues to dissipate down the wall. Each strip is individually rolled, cut and altered; then glaze fired. Each piece is individually attached on site. Waves Detail Image 1 Katherine Dube 2010 Waves Detail Image... [more]
Posted by Katherine Dube on 9/12/10

Katherine Dube: Apartment Therapy LA Local Spotlight   Ever wonder what to do with a blank wall? Artwork, shelf, nothing? Well, we've figured out what we want: one of these scultpures from Katherine Dube. We met Katherine at last week's designer meet up and were intrigued by the vases and vessels she showed us pictures of. A mix of ceramic and gold these are actual cups, that we suppose you could drink out of, but we like them for display. When... [more]
Posted by Katherine Dube on 7/30/08

Katherine Dube: LA Buzz Blog Katherine Dube:  Ceramics-Science Meets Art The buzz in LA today is all about the groundbreaking and metaphysical ceramics style of Kathrerine J. Dube. Her latest show entitled “Symbiosis” is displayed above. On the left, with Tupolino’s Cups, she combines earthy shell-like elements with basic shapes and gold to create new stunning creatures and on the right, with her Kepler Orbitals, she mixes wheel thrown shapes, large and small, in an unexpected barrier... [more]
Posted by Katherine Dube on 6/18/08