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Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg (b. 1970, Uddevalla, Sweden) is no stranger to setting up the stage, to revealing and creating the masque itself. From film experiments to set designs to placing others in uncomfortable third-eye, out-of-body scenarios, it is intriguing to resign to the artist's prism of talents—one specifically: moving between and among the fake and real. Dahlberg takes his time with it all; his results are indicative of careful deliberation. He executes an aesthetic ride of... [more]
: Stockholm-based Swedish artist Klas Eriksson (b. 1976) has been incredibly active in Scandinavia, with exhibitions and performances ranging from participating in the Royal Institute of Art's “Performing Recalcitrance” to the Copenhagen Arts Festival to a solo exhibition at Nordin Gallery in Stockholm. He has also participated in several large-scale international exhibitions such as the Bucharest Biennale and the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art. My decision to interview... [more]
Only a little by way of explanation is provided about the artist Christian Saldert on his site or on Galleri Kleerup's site representing him or his recent digital-poetic solo exhibition “Bodies of the Unreal” inspired by found, appropriated web images of American nudists from the mid-twentieth century. Influenced by pop art and an avant-garde collage aesthetic, Saldert’s work stands alone in their own Scandinavian terrain of beauty—mysterious, detached from a world known to most: a... [more]
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Annika Larsson at Andréhn-Schiptjenko January 12th, 2012 - February 12th, 2012
Posted 2/6/12
Annika Larsson's fourth exhibition at a gallery located in what Stockholm refers to as their “art palace” in Vasastan, is a curious display focusing on the rapport between the human and animal from multiple angles: anthropological, psychological, theoretical, political—to name a few. More specifically, this show focuses on the philosophical concept of the human as yet another evolving species in flux and becoming. Stories between and among the animal and human (ranging from real to synthetic... [more]
Finnish artist Liisa Lounila (b. 1976) produces art ranging from oil paintings to moving images to textual explorations to sculpture. Further, she uses glitter to create large-scale images (solo, triptychs, series of multiples) which are primarily black and white with shades of grey—with one exception being Vandal, 2003, which incorporates red. There is a recurring glitz, glamour and bling aesthetic in her recent works (e.g. Two Sugars Would Be Great, 2011 and Stargazing, 2011). The first... [more]
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Helen Broms Sandberg at Kulturhuset November 4th, 2011 - January 22nd, 2012
Posted 1/9/12
A dual video projection displaying the fantastical world of Queen Christina Alexandra (1626-1689) as imagined by a confined writer who suffers from amnesia is coupled with an unhindered view into this same writer's personal, imprisoned space. Helen Broms Sandberg's proves more gripping than the more standard photography exhibitions that the Kulturhuset often safely exhibits to placate both local and incoming masses. The convoluted life of this queen is a justifiable topic of historical... [more]
In the spring of 2011, I met Bergström Hansen for the first time. Upon viewing her work and discussing her approach, I commissioned her to contribute to a curatorial project called ”The Paper Tape Series” which is a part of larger cross-cultural American-Scandinavian initiative called valeveil. We collaborated together to ascertain ways in which her artistic practice might speak to my own concerns regarding changing education policies in Sweden (and the European Union) which affect... [more]
Swedish artist and photographer Jesper Ulvelius, born 1984, presents a series of photographs titled where the viewer sees a balding, bespectacled middle-aged man, presumably Swedish, situated in rooms which appear to be either living rooms or patios or fenced off backyards in connection to the man's presumed apartment. This man is alone in each photograph, often partaking in a meal alone or a leisurely activity such as surfing the internet, reading the daily paper (The Expressen which is the... [more]
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Eugenio Dittborn, Öyvind Fahlström, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Cao Guimarães, Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain, Laura Lima, Arto Lindsay, Dora Longo Bahia and Renata Lucas, Raimundas Malašauskas, Fredrik Ehlin and Andjeas Ejiksson and Oscar Mangione, Cinthia Marcelle, Rodrigo Matheus, Cildo Meireles, João Modé, Fabio Morais, Rivane Neuenschwander, Maurício Dias & Walter Riedweg, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Haegue Yang at Bonniers Konsthall August 24th, 2011 - January 8th, 2012
Posted 11/28/11
“The Spiral and the Square” is one exhibition, curated by Daniela Castro and Jochen Volz, which is part of a larger project initiated so as to approach the issues of translation and translatability of other places from a primarily Swedish perspective—beginning with a close-up on Brazilian culture. Only one of many cultures which continue to infiltrate Sweden bringing up issues of nationality, tolerance, collaboration and compromise, shows like this one are increasingly important to those who... [more]
Organized by Printed Matter, the sixth annual New York Art Book Fair presented a range of more than 200 exhibitors from twenty-one countries: independent book publishers, specialty dealers—both national and international—as well as a series of artist book-focused lectures, conferences and public initiatives which took place over the course of the fair's interim. Smaller presses, over sixty different art zines, emerging and experimental curatorial projects such as Badlands Unlimited, Dispatch,... [more]
Born 1943 in Baer Dölum, Hreinn Fridfinnsson is an Icelandic artist who is sometimes placed in the same camp as Bas Jan Ader, Robert Smithson and Richard Long due to the conceptual underpinnings and minimalist tendencies present in many of his works. There is something celestial and escapist happening, even though the artist's subject matter and materials can be prosaic or stem from commonplace materials. Fridfinnsson appears to have a close, personal relationship with nature, being heavily... [more]
  For the past three years, Petr Davydtchenko has worked mostly with scenographic installation and sculpture. Davydtchenko prefers to use different media to create dimensions where the border between reality and fiction is blurred. He often sees his work as visually heavy, complete and sometimes even over-burdened by meaning. Combining symbolism, occult and subcultural references with minimalistic expression—this is the way of his practice. The artist attempts to develop new visual codes and... [more]
Swedish artist Martin Jacobson creates a voluptuous scene illustrating that the fanciful can be more attractive than reality. The temptation to escape, to leave home to join any circus, to create a parallel universe, to be a tireless, invincible creature in a carnival of tricks, diversions and illusions—this could be the essence of what it means to live. Unbridled imagery intoxicates those with a keen eye for nuance. Allegorical Dogs, 2009, is littered with one-word signs of observation and... [more]
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at Gävle Konstcentrum June 18th, 2011 - August 28th, 2011
Posted 8/22/11
Taking a train to Gävle, walking in the streets and parks of a city known for its public art and sculptural initiatives, this group show co-curated by Joakim Forsgren, Carl Bergström and Maja-Lena Johansson displayed works of the more established Viktor Rosdahl alongside those of the less-known Petr Davydtchenko and the collaborative duo Kjersti Vetterstad and Monica Winther as the Daughters of Valhalla. Upon entering the preliminary space, two over-sized winter coats lined with animal fur... [more]
The Polaris Series 12: Ann Lislegaard   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
at Momentum Kunsthall June 18th, 2011 - October 2nd, 2011
Posted 7/5/11
Norwegian artist Ann Lislegaard presents an off-kilter installation Time Machine, 2011, at the 6th Momentum Biennial which is both alluring and disturbing to anyone entering the windowless room on Gallery F15's ground floor level. This video and spatial work accentuates the biennial's indeterminate (and therefore inaccessible) inquiry into time, place and imagination—harboring the theme and title “Imagine Here Being Now”—and focuses on the future, complementing other contributions by the The... [more]
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at Momentum Kunsthall June 18th, 2011 - October 2nd, 2011
Posted 7/5/11
What is curious about a monad is that it has no physical or material entrance or exit; the only way to gain access to one is by using one's intrinsic, personal intuition. Italian artist Paolo Bottarelli refers to the units of his latest project as “monads” or “mind rooms”―a term borrowed from German mathematician Gottfried Leibniz to illustrate that outlooks are built from basic units of the rational and irrational. Exhibiting at the 6th Momentum Biennial, Bottarelli provides an oversized,... [more]
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Björn Kjelltoft at Gallery NIklas Belenius, Stockholm May 5th, 2011 - May 22nd, 2011
Posted 5/16/11
White, billowing curtains display seemingly banal yet biting phrases appropriated from a disheartened couple's filmic encounter in their hotel room. The same bubbly, delicious font used by Dunkin' Donuts (no coincidence) is found alongside material items associated with conventional romance or courtship: lit candlesticks, matching bathrobes and house slippers, hotel curtains splayed with overused phrases that punctuate initial encounters between the fragmented couple, in a gesture to express... [more]
In Ragnar Persson’s när mörkret faller/when darkness falls, 2011, the artist devises a roaming pack of wild dogs or wolves alongside an equally untamed coterie of human beings—long-haired, solitary, holding piercing gazes—in a northern forest populated with somewhat secretive animals: falcons, snakes and nocturnal creatures. The scene is also randomly littered with red lightning bolts scratched into view, a teepee, empty wooden chairs and leafless trees indicating autumn or early spring. But:... [more]
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Bryan Graf at Galleri Kleerup April 2nd, 2011 - May 1st, 2011
Posted 4/25/11
The repetition as it stands seems necessary, yet these images do not seem replaceable. So as to preserve a feeling or moment, people return to it and repeat to affirm its significance or exclusivity. Yet that which is cherished cannot be repeated. Jonas Kleerup's new gallery is inviting, best suited for solo exhibitions such as American photographer Bryan Graf's, being more intimate than his previous space in Östermalm. Kleerup represents both Sweden's charged undercurrent of local artists, as... [more]
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Peter Ern at PETER BERGMAN March 10th, 2011 - April 16th, 2011
Posted 4/25/11
Peter Ern's solo exhibition “A Place Called Home” displays new, large scale paintings predominantly focused on dry or wintry landscapes which many could argue are devoid of a detectable action or livelihood, as well as others drawing attention to the commonplace, external architectures of Sweden―Soviet-style apartment complexes, tucked away stugas/country houses, kojans/huts in the woods or inner, industrial spaces such as in Ern's Electric Light, 2011. If Ern's “A Place Called Home” is... [more]
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Dan Holdsworth at Nordin Gallery March 17th, 2011 - May 8th, 2011
Posted 3/21/11
Dan Holdsworth's twist on landscape photography is introduced to Sweden, a country well-versed in climatic extremes. Nordin, a niche gallery established in 2007, accentuates a cluster of Holdsworth's prints of enormous proportions, depositing one particular set apart from the others—back-lit in a smaller, adjacent room most likely meant for video installations. Claiming that inspiration for this series came from New York's power failures of the 1960s, Holdsworth in Blackout reminds the viewer... [more]
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Posted 3/21/11
Though not a recent work, Swedish artist Sofia Hultén's video titled, , 2007, expresses how easily one's home can become an off-kilter nightmare, by simply altering the environment in seemingly insignificant and unpredictable ways. A lengthy video of 36 minutes meant to be looped, the home as a haunted scene is not only a one-time only affair but repeated, perhaps emphasizing how certain domestic complications tend to repeat themselves. Where is there left to go when the home no longer serves... [more]
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Petra Lindholm at Galleri Magnus Karlsson January 13th, 2011 - February 13th, 2011
Posted 2/14/11
In Petra Lindholm's fifth exhibition at Galleri Magnus Karlsson, titled “Till Anne Marie / For Anne Marie,” Lindholm's new work exists alongside Peter Köhler's complimentary exhibition “Star City Garden.” This Finnish artist dedicates her show to her blood relative; the content is based upon her great aunt's personal narrative and history. Living in Finland in the early 1900's, 'Anne Marie' was once engaged to a Russian man by the name of Mr. Obolenski who was forced flee to Paris during the... [more]
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Mattias Åkeson, Eva Arnqvist, Katarina Bonnevier, Andjeas Ejiksson, Gåafstand, Per Hasselberg, Ylva Trapp & Ellakajsa Nordström, Katya Sander at Konsthall C February 8th, 2011 - March 6th, 2011
Posted 2/14/11
Curated by Kim Einarsson, Johan Tirén and Niklas Östholm, Konsthall C's “Home Sweet Home” brings to light a significant issue that residents of Stockholm and its environs are continually burdened and consumed with: housing. Aware of how this issue affects not only any given society but one's personal life and their ability to reach individual goals, the works of various artists, including Katarina Bonnevier, Andjeas Ejiksson, Per Hasselberg, Katya Sander and Mattias Åkesson are brought together... [more]
The Polaris Series 6   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Sara Jordenö at Moderna Museet - Stockholm October 2nd, 2010 - January 9th, 2011
Posted 1/17/11
Recently displayed alongside 53 other artists in Moderna Museet's recent "Modernautställningen 2010"—held every four years and constructed with the intention to represent the current Swedish contemporary art scene—Swedish artist Sara Jordenö shared her ongoing work, titled , 2000-2010. Born 1974 in Umeå but currently residing in New York City, Jordenö’s background in creative writing influences her creations, which are primarily text publications, image-based film/video/photography and... [more]
The Deliberate Choice of Nothingness   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Joakim Eneroth at Christian Larsen January 13th, 2011 - February 13th, 2011
Posted 1/17/11
I wish I could take these home with me. As contradictory as it may seem, a room filled with a family of such an aesthetic possession might be its own cure. The actual collection of texts and photographs, “Short Stories of the Transparent Mind,” by Stockholm-based artist Joakim Eneroth is larger than what is presented in the gallery, but one is still able to discern that notions of absence and emptiness are seriously and creatively approached.  This emerges as an attempt to remind one of the... [more]
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Viktor Rosdahl at Christian Larsen November 18th, 2010 - December 20th, 2010
Posted 11/29/10
        Christian Larsen's current exhibition “In Darkness, the Embrace of the Streets” displays recent paintings by Malmö-based artist Viktor Rosdahl. One in particular Ein, Zwei, Drei, 2010 can easily serve as a striking representative of both the dark climate and bleak temperament of Stockholm during winter. Using thick layers of textured ink on canvas expressing shades of white or pale grey on a dark grey or black background, Rosdahl is sensitive to both painterly detail and emotion.... [more]
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Nevin Aladağ, Larissa Fassler, Annika Larsson, Johannes Paul Raether, Solmaz Shahbazi at Tensta Konsthall (Tensta Centre of Contemporary Art) October 23rd, 2010 - February 5th, 2011
Posted 11/29/10
        Curated by Adnan Yildiz with the assistance of Kim Einarsson of Konsthall C, “The Collective Coral Colony” is inspired by Alfred Döblin's historical novel Berlin Alexanderplatz, initially published in 1929 then later made for television and directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder; this work serves as a launch pad for contemporary analysis of five chosen artists' relationship with both their respective cities and the notion of a collective insight. For reference, Döblin's Berlin... [more]
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A5, Romina Fuentes, Adam Grinovich, Annika Pettersson at Platina October 7th, 2010 - October 30th, 2010
Posted 10/18/10
          Works which are strictly labeled as either ‘design’ or ‘craft’ should not be segregated from the realm of contemporary art. Despite the trend to quickly locate and categorize one’s practice, creators actually exist in a melting pot which often stems from a shared goal, concern or historical influence. Academics argue that boundaries between spheres of practice are, in essence, blurred—that each ‘context’ has become a moving target. The exhibition “Aeon Profit—Piano Forte”... [more]
The Polaris Series 4   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Posted 10/18/10
              Sara-Vide Ericson's first solo exhibition “Liar” at Galleri Magnus Karlsson evokes charged emotions. She paints like a moderately macabre Alex Katz with all the icy clarity of a Northern European. Her crisp paintings illuminate post-modern portraits, figures bent awkwardly into compromising positions—whether confined by their own solitude or in an incomprehensible power struggle with another. The bright, cool light in the paintings belies what remains unrevealed, as... [more]
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