Tom Lewis

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Megan and the Melancholy Heikou, 2012 Limited Edition Print (Edition Of 95) 64 X 46 Cm © Tom Lews
Megan vs the Triple Ripple, 2012 Limited Edition Print (Edition Of 50) 81 X 50 Cm © Tom Lewis
The Legend of the moonlit Gongon Plains, 2012 Limited Edition Print (Edition Of 250) 30 X 30 Cm © Tom Lewis
The Barefoot Legend of the Grand Katsura, 2012 Limited Edition Print (Edition Of 95) 30 X 42 Cm © Tom Lewis
''Less chat more hngggg'', 2013 Mixed Media 30.5cm X 42cm © Tom Lewis
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limited edition prints, originals, mixed-media, installation, landscape, modern, photography, digital, graffiti/street-art, sculpture, exhibition/performance

Leaving behind the deserted city, and her massive monster bodyguard, Megan is the last hope for the survival of the magical soul flowers. Compelled to follow the neon butterfly across the River Kaigen, the Legends reveal their quests in sleepy visions and urge our hero ever onwards. But who are the wide eyed Burobbu, and why have the golden council been summoned? Will the Pandas ever be sober enough to pick up their trumpets again? Is the heir to the bone throne truly evil or is the dastardly destiny squid corrupting her very essence? Most importantly though, how do you fight a dragon born of rain and shadow?

This is the world created by Tom Lewis. Blending elements of ancient mythology, traditional oriental design and contemporary street art, his style is unique and instantly recognisable. Each piece adds to the epic patchwork narrative that exists inside Toms head, tip toeing the line between logical meaning and beautiful nonsensical chaos.

Utilising both classical draftsmanship and modern technology, Tom’s techniques utilise a limitless variety of mediums such as pencil, computer, acrylic paint, aerosol cans, gold leaf, airbrushes, marker pens, biros, 3D rapid prototyping, varnish, cardboard, digital images and fingers. The result, be it an original mixed media painting, a Giclée print or sculpture, intrigues the viewer with layer upon layer of texture and mesmerising coloured light.

Born in Birmingham in 1979, Tom received a BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art from Middlesex University. Since then his paintings and prints have been exhibited worldwide including Hong Kong and New York. Following an exciting, if surreal appearance on The Young Apprentice in 2010, his exceptional works earned appreciation from a rapidly expanding fan base. He currently lives and works in London.