Federica Campagnari

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Inner City I, June 2015 Acrylic 36" X 36" © 2015 by Federica Campagnari
Inner City II, 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 40" X 30" X 3/4" © 2015 by Federica Campagnari
Inner City III, 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 20" X 20" X 1" © 2015 by Federica Campagnari
Tales of Inner City II, 2015 Graphite And Colored Pencils On Paper 12" X 9" © 2015 by Federica Campagnari
Tales of Inner City III, 2015 Graphite On Paper 8" X 9 1/2" © 2015 by Federica Campagnari
Tales of Inner City IV, 2015 Graphite On Paper 16" X 14" © 2015 by Federica Campagnari
Tales of Inner City VI, 2016 Graphite On Paper 17" X 14" © 2016 by Federica Campagnari
Tales of Inner City VIII, 2017 Graphite And Pencil On Acid Free Paper 20" X 14.5" © 2017 by Federica Campagnari
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Lives in
Los Angeles
Works in
Los Angeles / Italy
abstract, sculpture, mixed-media



Award winning Italian artist Federica Campagnari successfully incorporates the abstract imagery onto different media and styles which allows her to create visual elements that move in an endless interaction.                            

“ My artwork is an extension of my emotions, " she says. "It is a dreamlike dimension in which there are no rules and anything is possible."

Federica Campagnari has many years of experience in stained glass and textile designs which played an important role in her artistic endeavor.  Originally from Verona, Italy, Federica Campagnari has paintings displayed in Italian and American venues including the County Art Museum of Los Angeles, Art Rental Gallery.

New Exhibit: “InterActions: Looking at a Year” (Group Show) - April 22-29, 2017

South Bay Contemporary / SoLa Gallery - Los Angeles

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 22, 3-6 pm

Artist's Recent Awards

1st 2017 Artslant Prize Showcase winner in the drawing category

2nd 2017 Artslant Prize Showcase winner in the drawing category

3nd 2017 Artslant Prize Showcase winner in the drawing category

Artslant 7th Showcase 2016 winner in the painting category

Artslant 5th Showcase 2015 winner in the drawing category

Artslant 3rd Showcase 2015 winner in the painting category

Artslant 6th Showcase 2014 winner in the painting category

Artslant 2nd Showcase 2014 winner in the painting category

Artslant 1st Showcase 2013 winner in the painting category

Artlant 3rd Showcase 2012 winner in the drawing category

2013-2014 Light Space & Time Online Gallery, Special Recognition Awards

Most Recent Painting Exhibits (Group Shows)

Huntington Beach Art Center, January 28-March 4, 2017 - "Centered on the Center"

The Loft Gallery, December 10, 2016-January 5, 2017 - San Pedro, CA - "San Pedro on the Edge"

OCCCA (2016) - Santa Ana, CA

OCCCA (2015) - Santa Ana, CA

608 North Art Gallery (2014) - Redondo Beach, CA 

Gallery Expo (2013-2014) - Long Beach, CA

PS Zask Gallery (2011) - Palos Verdes, CA

Most Important Painting Exhibits

Los Angeles – LACMA, Art rental Gallery (1984)

Los Angeles - LA Lace, The Cotton Exchange Show. More than 200 artists from all media transformed an abandoned commercial building into a monumental art environment (1984)

Verona (Italy) - Sixt Painting Award Exhibit "S. Pancrazio"

Imperia (Italy) - National Exhibit of Small Oil paintings (1968 and 1969)

Verona (Italy) - Museo di Castelvecchio “Sala Boggian”, Regional Exhibit (1968)

Verona (Italy) - National Exhibit (1968)

Most Important Solo Art Exhibits

Bardolino (VR-Italy) - Galleria d'Arte "Benaco" (1973)

Mantova (Italy) – Galleria d'Arte UGM (1972)

Bardolino (VR-Italy) – Galleria d'Arte “Benaco” (1972)

Revere, (MN-Italy) - Galleria d'Arte "L'Infinito" (1971)

Verona, Italy - Galleria d'Arte “Fra' Giocondo” (1970 and 1973)


Federica Campagnari is a member of South Bay Contemporary/SoLA Gallery -Los Angeles, CA


phone: (310) 650-4460






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