Jake Longstreth

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Jake Longstreth at Gregory Lind Gallery December 12th, 2008 - January 31st, 2009
Posted 12/29/08
  I like an image that urges me to question it, one that makes me step back and squint and cock my head just a little. An initial look at the landscape paintings in Jake Longstreth's show suggests nothing out of the ordinary: clean lines, minimalist aesthetic, subdued palette, restrained execution. And yet, there's something subtly unnatural about them, something out of place. Dealer is a washed-out desert landscape cut across by a freeway overpass and a string of colorful flags; a white... [more]
  ArtSlant's editor, Georgia Fee, visited Jake Longstreth in his studio in Oakland, CA.  Longstreth was preparing for his second solo exhibition at Gregory Lind Gallery in San Francisco.  Fee and Longstreth talked about his recent work, emptiness, big box takeover, and life as a painter. Jake Longstreth in his studio in Oakland, CA, 2008; Courtesy of the artist ArtSlant: Your paintings often examine frontier spaces: the edges where civilization meets nature. Are these real spaces? ... [more]