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artes aplicadas, 1972, académico
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marina painting painting mixed-media realism video-art landscape surrealism modern painting pop realism video-art, mixed-media, realism, landscape, performance, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, digital, abstract, figurative, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance
Andalucía, España.

Gustavo Vázquez King is a Uruguayan who one day came to Spain invited by his diplomatic representation (Embassy of Uruguay) in Madrid.  Like that he could start writing a story, the history of a young artist with roots in the European continent.  Behind stayed his years in the Montevideo that saw him grow up, his studies in the School of Applied Arts, of his town home with the illusion of arriving to the people and his culture with his art, his exhibitions in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, E.E.U.U. , and his desire to arrive to Spain which he finally achieved.
The artist tells us that he already used stains in his pictures with tendency to informality .  The artist has been focusing on his stains so that the forms appear with them; white sails that he sometimes gets, leaving the canvas unprinted and others, creating his own whites of an extraordinary beauty and a difficult sum, since it is one of the more laborious colours to get.   Boats, ships in the dock, aground or sailing in the night, in the sunset, boats in a storm, with a remembrance of Turner and the great Spanish painter of marine scenes Pancho Cossio.
His paintings range from expressionism to Fauvism.  And, sometimes, the whiteness is interruptewith an explosion of colours.

                                                                                 Paloma Herrero

                                          Corresponding Academy of Bellas Artes of San Fernando
                                                               Spanish Association of Art Critics
Interior labyrinth, crossed cables, delimitation of space, insinuation, dusk towards an imperceptible background.  The eyes get used to the night; suddenly the labyrinth emerges entering from a great window marginal, different. Forms distorted.  Not everything has to be reduced to the monumental forms that the text book has been situated in each of the capacities of the imagination.  Again, at a hair’s breath, the exhibition lounge of the School of Architects of Almeria and in this occasion from a kind of reflexion that is produced with the relationship between the lineal forms and the plastic colours.
Author of all this,  a Uruguayan artist comes with an experience of current dates in the province of Almeria, Carboneras,  Macael, and the now the capital.  The wrinkle comes off like a sweaty cloth aged by cobweb, the intermediate of the straight line that stays further away than the fences that send the serenity of the lounge asleep.

                                                                                                        Miguel Angel Blanco
                                                                                                         EL IDEAL, ALMERIA.
Vazquez’s picturesque language is of geometric regular forms, articulated with simplicity and efficiency.   In his works, the plans, the drawings and the soft metric highlights are submitted to extremely subtle compensatory relations.   Its radical simplicity produces a reaction more intellectual than emotional, while the optic image is the especially careful effect, until the refinement.   To this result contributes the extreme elegance of his election of especial plastic materials, oligisto, coffee), as well as his renunciation to colour and his contrasted use, very equilibrated shadows and lights, distributed in small rectangles and in degrees of whites to grays that remind us of the letter systems from the printers (Formica).   Therefore we are before an interesting proposal of neo-geometric painting, tendency of the nineties, not very developed in the Spanish Arctic scene, which is distinguished by putting the ornamental values and the refinement of the realization of any temptation of that transcendence and utopia that characterize the constructive primitive vanguards, the ones from his origins.

                                                                                      José María Medina
                                                          Vicepresident of the International Society of Art Critics
                                                                         Art Critic “El Cultural” from “El Mundo”.
                                                                         VII Painting Prize “La Rural de Sevilla”.

" surrealismo en cabo de gata ", ( almeria, españa )

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Solo exhibitions:

1975. Museum of Fine Arts Génaro Perez, Cordoba, Argentina.
1997. Foundation Nal. the Indian (FUNAI), Manaus, Brazil.
House of Culture, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
1978. Gallery Maksoud, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Embu, Carapicuiba, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
1981. Gallery of Art (Alliance Française), Montevideo, Uruguay.
Lycee Francais, Montevideo, Uruguay.
1984. Bungalow Swiss restaurant, Montevideo, Uruguay.
1985. Fortin de Santa Rosa, Atlantis, Montevideo, Uruguay.
1986. Hotel Salto Grande, Punta del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay.
1987. City of Dry Valley, Grand Canary, Spain.
Real Club Nautico de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.
1988. Commercial Circle, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.
1989. Real Club Nautico, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
1990. City of Carboneras, Almeria, Spain.
1991. Art Gallery, Café Gladys, Almeria, Spain.
1992. Colegio de Arquitectos de Almeria, Spain.
1994. Restaurant Martin Fierro, Almeria, Spain.
2005. (Cafeismos) Cajamurcia Foundation, Aguilas, Murcia, Spain.
2006. (Fauvismos) Cajamurcia Foundation, Aguilas, Murcia, Spain.
2007. Enoteca Head, Aguilas, Murcia, Spain.
Group Exhibitions:
1978. Gallery Maksoud, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
1981. "For Our Freedom" against the military dictatorship and human rights (Amnesty International), Faculty of Architecture in Montevideo, Uruguay.
1982. "Eight Uruguayans Plastics", Lycee Francais, Montevideo, Uruguay.
1983. Gallery Manzione (Hotel San Rafael de Punta del Este), Maldonado, Uruguay.
Artists in Residence Prado Circle Tennis Montevideo, Uruguay.
1984. Artists in Residence Prado Circle Tennis
Montevideo, Uruguay.
1985. Young Artists of America and the Caribbean, organized by the Latin American Embassies in Spain.
Manzione Gallery of Punta del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay.
2009. Steve Colertge & I, Fundación Caja Murcia, Aguilas, Murcia, Spain.
Awards and Honors:
1980. Selected, l Hall of Painting, Young Artists Christian Montevideo, Uruguay.
1981. Selected, lll Grand Salon of Painting, Car of Uruguay.
1982. Selected, lll Painting Great Hall, City of San José, Uruguay.
Selected Award, Paul Cezanne, French Embassy, Montevideo, Uruguay.
1983. Selected, lV Painting Gallery, City of San José, Uruguay.
1985. Selected, Uruguay Embassy, Madrid, Spain.
Acquisition Prize for Painting, Central Bank, Great Hall of San Jose, Uruguay
Honorable Mention, l First Exhibition of Painting, City of Soriano, Uruguay.
1987. Honorable Mention, Painting Gallery l Maldonado, Uruguay.
1988. 5 th Biennial Regional Fine Arts, Villa de Teror, Gran Canaria, Spain.
1992. Selected, Room Design, Sculpture and Painting Macael, Almeria, Spain.
1994. Mention of Honor, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Cadiz, Spain.
1997. Selected, Duran Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
1998. Selected, First National Painting Contest, Aitor Urdangarín, Vitoria-Gasteiz.
Selected, 4 th Prize for Painting, Mutual of Commerce and Industry, Barcelona, Spain.
Selected, Valenti Award, San Pere Rives, Barcelona, Spain.
Selected, 5 th Anniversary Antonio Campoy Museum, Cuevas del Almanzora, Almeria, Spain.
1999. Selected, prestigious Focus-Abengoa, Seville, Spain.
2000. Selected, VII Prize for Painting, "La Rural" in Seville, Spain.
Other Activities:
1998. Bronze Bust "Manolo de Cordoba," Mall of Carboneras, Almeria, Spain.
2001. Project "Wind Sculpture in San Andres Island", Funded by Spanish Formica, Spain.
2003. They settled down in Eagles, proprietary "study author atelier gallery", Aguilas, Murcia, Spain.
2010. Painting Workshop "spatula" summer nights, under the palm trees and stand in the sand, "the Carboneras Puntica of", Almeria, Spain.
2011. Painting Workshop "spatula" summer nights, under the palm trees and stand in the sand, "the Carboneras Puntica"
Almeria, Spain.
Collections: (Public and Private)
Banco de Santander, Uruguay, Spain.
Hochets Laboratories, Uruguay.
Embassy of Israel and Weissman Institute, Uruguay.
House of the FSLN, Nicaragua.
Alliance Française in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Amnesty International. Uruguay, France.
Casa de la Cultura de Valle Seco, Gran Canaria, Spain.
City of Carboneras, Almeria, Spain.
City of Eagle, Murcia, Spain.
Cajamurcia Foundation, Murcia, Spain.
Paintings in Museums:
Genaro Perez Museum, Cordoba, Argentina.
Mint Museum and the Gaucho, Banco Republica, Uruguay.
Lassar Seggal Museum, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Organization of American States (OAS) Washington.
Antonio Campoy Museum, Almeria, Spain.

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