Valerio D'Ospina

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S.Locomotive, 2012 Oil On Panel © valerio d'ospina
Manhattan Oil On Panel © Valerio D'Ospina
ESB, 2010 Oil On Canvas 63x45 In
Locomotive Study, 2010 Oil On Panel 33x24 In
Submarine, 2010 Oil On Panel 31x24 In
Engines, 2010 Oil On Canvas 59x77.6 In
Bacon Oil On Panel © Valerio D'Ospina
Bacon Oil On Panel © Valerio D'Ospina
Reims Cathedral Oil On Panel © Valerio D'Ospina
Duomo di Milano Oil On Panel © Valerio D'Ospina
Flat Iron Building, 2012 Oil On Panel © valerio d'ospina
Train in the Desert, 2012 Oil On Panel © valerio d'ospina
Quick Facts
Taranto, Italy
Lives in
Indiana, PA; Firenze, Italy
Works in
Indiana, PA; Firenze, Italy
Representing galleries
Principle Gallery
landscape, modern, traditional, figurative, conceptual

Artistic High School Diploma: Liceo Artistico Statale “Lisippo” in Taranto, Italy (July 1999)
University Diploma: Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence, Italy (1999‐2005)
Degree: Painting
Graduate School Diploma: Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence, Italy (2006‐2008)
Degree: Completed the COBASLID entitling all of the requirements to teach as a professor at all levels (equivalent to a Masters of Fine Art)

Emilio Valerio D’ Ospina was born in Taranto September 9, 1980. On July 14, 1999 he received an artistic diploma from Liceo Artistico Statale “Lisippo” in Taranto, where he was first introduced to the world of art.
In November of the same year he moved to Florence to further his artistic studies. There he enrolled in his first painting course under the instruction of Professor R.Giovannelli in the Accademia di Belle Arti.
During his stay in Florence, he assiduously visited museums where he learned the technique of the great masters and was given permission to replicate original works of art in the Palazzo Pitti Museum.
He also visited the major Italian artistic capitols frequenting, with particular interest, the museums, art fairs and art biennals.
In 2003, he moved to Paris for a short while where he studied firsthand the masterpieces of his favorite local artists.
After his return to Florence, he began to work in an antique‐painting restoration studio under the restorer Maurizio Bazzini, who gave him insight to the “character” of old paintings.
On February 25, 2005, after preparing an experimental thesis in the study of “fisiognomica”, Valerio graduated with a degree in Painting. Impressed by the complex study of the thesis, and the correlation to his final paintings, the commission presiding over Valerios’ lecture presented him with 110 cum laude out of a possible 110 for his outstanding effort.
Upon obtaining his degree, in September of 2006 he enrolled in the COBASLID (a two‐year‐long statal course to become a professor of art) in the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence. Only ten students were admitted into the course and in order to continue his studies, it was required for him to complete a
series of examinations to secure his place. After his acceptance, he began an internship teaching pictorial discipline in the Liceo Artistico “L.B. Alberti”.
Before completing his final year of study, D’ Ospina met with the chair of the college of fine art at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). Impressed with his skills and artwork, he offered him a position to teach a course designed to utilize D’ Ospina’s knowledge and competences of the great masters technique. Two short weeks after completing the COBASLID, D’ Ospina, only 27, travelled to America to begin teaching Classical Drawing and Painting, summer session II for the fine art department at IUP.
After this teaching experience he decided to focus exclusively on painting, receiving positive feedback from private collectors and galleries from around the world.
Since July 2009 Valerio is established in US where he lives and works.

Exhibition Record and Prizes
Solo Exhibitions

2012 “Valerio D’Ospina “2009‐2011”, Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
2007 “Ritratti Itineranti”, Caffè Storico‐Letterario Giubbe Rosse, Florence, Italy.
2005 “Realtà Paradossale”, Villa Strozzi, Florence, Italy.

Two Person Exhibitions

2010 “The New Metropolis”, Skotia Gallery, Santa Fe NM, USA
2010 “Andrey Petrov & Valerio D’Ospina”, Principle Gallery, Alexandria VA, USA.

Group Exhibitions, Art Fairs and Biennals

2012 “Group Exhibition”, gallery artists group show, Hallway Gallery, WA
2011 “1st Opening in LA”, Skotia Gallery, Culver City, CA
2011 “USArtists”, Artfair PAFA, Philadelphia PA.
2011 “The Back Room”, Joanne Artman Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA.
2011 “PREJA‐VU”, The Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.
2011 “LA Art Show”, Artfair Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA.
2010 “Drawings Exhibition”, Principle Gallery, Alexandria, VA.
2010 “Naked”, Skotia Gallery, Santa Fe NM, USA.
2008 “Intimità Quotidiane”, Galleria Geo Arte Contemporanea, Bari, Italy.
2005 “Espressioni dell’Arte”, Masseria Belmonte, Crispiano (TA), Italy.
2004 “Profezie di Bellezza 4”, Caffè Storico‐Letterario Giubbe Rosse, Florence,Italy.
2004 “Alchimie Urbane”, Villa Comunale “Peripato”, Taranto, Italy.
2004 “4 art”, Aragonese Castle, Taranto, Italy.
2004 “3rd Premio Internazionale Biennale d’Incisione”, La Spirale Centre Culturel "Le Toboggan" Décines‐ Charpieu (Lyon), France.
2003 “3rd Premio Internazionale Biennale d’Incisione”, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Etching and print‐making exhibited alongside Georges Rouault and Giorgio De Chirico, Villa Rnatico Martini, Monsummano Terme, Pistoia, Italy.
2003 “Profezie di bellezza 3”, Caffè Giubbe Rosse, Florence, Italy.
2003 “Omaggio a Mario Mariotti”, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Firenze, Italy.
2002 “Profezie di bellezza 2”, Caffè Giubbe Rosse, Florence, Italy.
2001 “Profezie di bellezza”, Giubbe Rosse, Florence, Italy.
1999 “1st Prize Hippodrome”, Ippodromo di Taranto, Italy.

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