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Deepwater Horizon/ yesterday and day before, may 2010 Digital Monoprint/ Ink On Aluminum 29x18 © 2010
Deepwater Horizon/ bird, may 2010 Digital Monoprint/ Ink On Aluminum 17x30 © 2010
Deepwater Horizon/ plume, may 2010 Digital Monoprint/ Ink On Aluminum 15x37 © 2010
Deepwater Horizon/ Robert Dudley oilman-father, may 2010 Digital Monoprint/ Ink On Aluminum 10x23 © 2010
Deepwater Horizon/ beach #1, may 2010 Digital Monoprint/ Ink On Aluminum 20x15 © 2010
Deepwater Horizon/ open water burn, may 2010 Digital Monoprint/ Ink On Aluminum 41x17 © 2010
Deepwater Horizon/ beach #2, may 2010 Digital Monoprint/ Ink On Aluminum 20x15 © 2010
Deepwater Horizon/ disperments, may 2010 Digital Monoprint/ Ink On Aluminum 35x14 © 2010
Deepwater Horizon/ oil 'n reeds, may 2010 Digital Monoprint/ Ink On Aluminum 38x17 © 2010
Deepwater Horizon/ operation top-hat, may 2010 Digital Monoprint/ Ink On Aluminum 40x 16 Inches © 2010
Deepwater Horizon/ burning of Deepwater Horizon, may 2010 Digital Monoprint/ Ink On Aluminum 15x21 Inches © 2010
American Dream Castings And Acrylic 9" X 9/5" X 5.5"
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Artist Statement
for eric john hoffman

June 2010

I strive to create unique works of public art.  I create art because of my love of color and beauty.  But most of all, I create art that is a marker of time: …..every place changes and every event no matter how impactful dulls from the memory.  With my work I hope to create images that are lasting, and a spark for past memories or perhaps to question and review.

I work to stretch the limits put upon digital output; working with innovative materials and processes that I have developed over years for digital monoprints.

The use of aluminum sheets as the surface gives my prints a luminescent depth that moves with the light or viewers position breathing life to the work and drawing the view in.  Each work starts with a place or event, I crate multiple works in a series from that one thought. Color is important to me and the driving inspiration for the feeling I use to create each work. Rhythms and patterns created in nature and by mathematics are also inspiration for me. I like to use a positive and negative reflection within the image because there must be both light and dark in any event or place.

I use a process that is archival in creation of each print. This process creates a unique one of a kind print with it own imperfections as part of the process. The ink is archival and the print is sealed with a clear film that protects it and provide a UV inhibitor.


eric john hoffman




Artist Bio
for eric john hoffman

June 2010

Eric John Hoffman is an artist that is expanding the possibilities of digital print media.

Working with Aluminum, and Polycarbonates his works interact with light creating a new visual element that draws the viewer in for closer inspection.  Originally from the Midwest, Eric John has bended his past career in business with is artistic passion; his passion to create unique public works.

In 2008 Hoffman received a Career development grant awarded by the Marin Arts Council.  With the funds from the grant Eric John produced his first large scale collection of landscapes from his White Line Diary series.  The works debuted at his show Left Coast Views/ Californian’s Alternative Landscapes in October 2008 in San Francisco at the Hiram W. Johnson Building, house for the California State Supreme Court.

The works from this show are now part of the Seller’s Market Collection, a restaurant group in San Francisco.

Hoffman has garnered a number of other opportunities as result of the Johnson Building exhibition, including having works exhibited at the Capture Gallery, an invitation to 2009 Marin/Scapes fine art sale and exhibition as well as the opportunity for a solo exhibition at the Rock Hill Gallery in Tiburon, California.

In 2010 Eric John opened his new studio as a member the artist collective at Art Works Downtown in San Rafael California; he was excited to participate in his first open studio as part of the Marin Arts Council's, Marin Open in May. It was a successful event, making his work more accessible to viewers, collectors, designers and the art community as a whole.

Eric John Hoffman lives with his wife and two children in San Rafael, California.


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