Will Day

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Vive Le Difference, 2104 Acrylic On Canvas 48"X84" © @willdayart
Rebirth, 2014 Acrylic On Canvas 40"X40" © ©
Color of Joy, 2014 Acrylic On Canvas 60"X72" © ©
Living in the Moment, 2014 Oil On Canvas 36"X48" ©
"crossroads", 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 24" X 36" ©
Greetings, 2009 Acylic On Canvas 6 X 8 Feet ©
The Dawning, 2014 Oil On Canvas 48" X 60" © ©willdayart
"music", 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 48" X 60" ©
"love", 2009 Oil & Acrylic On Canvas 60" X 72" ©
"wedding", 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 24 X 18 Inches ©
"The Narrow Door", January 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 6 Ft X 12 Ft © willdayART llc
"obedient" Oli On Canvas 5 X 5 Feet © willdayART llc
"Blessed", July 2010 Oli On Canvas 5 X 5 Feet © willdayART llc
"Invitation" Acylic & Oil On Canvas 72 X 60 Inches © willdayART llc
"Glorify", March 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 72 X 120 Inches © willdayART llc
Under the Tuscan Sun, 2014 Oil On Canvas 36" X 60" © ©
Merge, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 80" X 72" © ©willdayart
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New York City
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Boulder, CO
Representing galleries
Anam Cara Gallery, Greenwich CT - Osmosis Gallery Niwot, CO - K. Saari Gallery, Steamboat Colorado
Boulder painting landscape abstract, contemporary painting abstract, Award winning, art-gallery landscape modern abstract painting


I have come to understand my art is not about me, but the world around me.

The purpose of my art is to bring joy and inspiration to others.  My work represents the phases of my soul's journey and is an expression of my spirit responding freely.  Every one of my paintings reflects an aspect of life's journey:  to search, pursue and live from the heart, despite the challenges of the human condition. 

I approach painting with absolutely no restrictions or rules.  This freedom creates a clear sense of diversity within each piece.  Over the years my techniques have expanded and changed based on my relationship with textures, tools, and most importantly color.  My unique process is an interplay of the paint merging on the surface of the canvas, allowing the materials to dictate the mood of the piece.  My work uses energy and emotion to create a 'color reaction'.

In the end, it is all about letting go and trusting my intuition.  Tuning into life's vibrations allows me to form a 'paint-to-canvas' expression of love.  I am filled with joy and gratitude for the gift of each art piece coming through me. 


Will Day was born in New York City.  He has continuously painted throughout his career and is a trained architect.  He is primarily self-taught.  His interest in painting was intensified during his travels and museum explorations throughout North Africa, South America, and Europe. Day’s fine art training has consisted of studies in Paris, France and Dublin, Ireland. The majority of Day’s paintings are done in oil and acrylic.

Unlike traditional painting, Day works with his canvasses on the floor so that he can rotate and apply materials from different vantage points. He has a disciplined approach to each painting with the goal of producing original pieces that are spontaneous and resplendent. “Typically, you will find my paintings are largely meant to juxtapose different colors and surfaces within a variety of formations.  My ultimate goal is to fuse three or four colors in each painting in order to project a strong energy to the viewer.  While all the paintings are abstract, I try to create numerous shapes and forms that are visible. Several of the paintings depict forms of nature, such as flowers or landscapes,” he explains.

A sought after artist in the community, Day has had several one-man shows including one titled, “The Creative Results of Economics Downturns,” and he has participated in-group exhibitions across America.  Day’s original and vibrant abstract art won the attention of Boulder fans during the 2009 Downtown Boulder Arts Festival, where he won a blue ribbon for his work. Day has a proven ability to create award-winning paintings that are inspiring, and impressive. His pieces are one of a kind.  He has an inherent talent in creating bold, fun, abstract images on canvas – often working in large-scale formats. Day’s art balances texture, color and layering into cohesive and appealing images.

His art is featured in public and private collections throughout the United States. Galleries in Niwot, Boulder and Steamboat Springs, Colorado showcase Day’s paintings.  In addition, Day displays and sells his work through his website and studio in Boulder, Colorado.

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