Domingo Vega

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The Couturier's Altar, 2010 Mixed Media 17"X 17" © DVI
Greatest Ball of Fire , 2010 Mixed Media 28"X 28" © Domingo Vega
Solar Flares, 2010 Mixed Media 28"X28" © Domingo Vega
The Volcano, 2010 Mixed Media 28"X 28" © Domingo Vega
Swirling Twins, 2010 Mixed Media 28"X28" © Domingo Vega
Hubble's Mars, 2010 Mixed Media 28"X 28" © Domingo Vega
The Golden Planet , 2010 Mixed Media 28"X 28" © DVI
The Non Canonized, 2010 Mixed Media 17"X17" © Domingo Vega
Return To Sender, 2010 Mixed Media 14"X 14" © Domingo Vega
The Alchemist Altar, 2010 Mixed Media 24"X 48" © Domingo Vega
The Shaman's altar, 2010 Mixed Media 24"X 48" © Domingo Vega
Art's letters at the table , 2010 Mixed Media 12"X 12" © Domingo Vega
Spiritual In- tenssion, 2010 Mixed Media 21" X 21" © Domingo Vega
Religious Freedom , 2010 Mixed Media 21"X 21" © Domingo Vega
Peter, Paul & Mary, 2012 Mixed Media 17" X 17" © Domingo Vega
Quick Facts
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Lives in
Washington DC
Works in
Washington DC
University of Puerto Rico, 1978, Fine Arts
Three dimensional painting mixed-media modern painting abstract conceptual mixed-media mixed-media modern, conceptual, sculpture

Domingo Vega, contemporary abstract artist, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He Graduated from the University Of Puerto Rico, School Of Humanities, with a BFA in 1982. Coursed Graduate studies in Architecture at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland until 1986 and in Interior Design at The Palm Beach College until 2004. He developed a career and became licensed in the area of Interior Design, creating interior environments for World known major cruise lines, five star hotels and resorts worldwide. Domingo returned to his passion for art in 2008 during the worldwide financial crisis, bringing forth his combination of trainings, reflected on a collection of constructivist art forms. He participated in Raleigh, North Carolina as a founding member of the ChromaZones, and was an active member of The Visual Art Exchange as an artist and a leading member of the abstract critique forum in the same organization. 

Artist statement

My art pieces are conceived from “an educated yet, intuitive creative thought and a conscious mind visualization process”. I start with a philosophical statement and work on it, until I develop an executable idea. I proceed, from that departure point to plan how to accomplish the basic preparation for the piece. I look, create and locate diversified objects that best assist me to literally “give shape” to my dreams. After certain amount of sketches, studies, technical experimental work, and energy infusion into my art pieces, the actual artwork “comes to life” and starts communicating with me. The pieces are constantly directing me as to what they need for their completion “taking a life of their own”. It is hard to imagine an inanimate object communicating with the artist, however all matter has a form of vibrational energy and all it takes is for us to observe, and be perceptive to feel this source of energy, interpret it and express it.

My intention with my current body of work is to raise awareness of the overabundance of rituals, religions, philosophies and meaningless sources of worship and beliefs that we have in today’s world. We as a society worship everything and anything. Are these religions and rituals really necessary? Are the Gods really pleased with our rituals? Or, Are rituals purely human and without the Gods? I intend to stimulate people to look for answers just within themselves and not in the human expressions of our business based religions and layman institutions and look towards the Universal creations of the cosmos for their truth.

I was born in San Juan Puerto Rico, raised with a rich combination of Catholic and Metaphysical spiritual practices. My extended family exposed me to Masonic Temples and practices such as Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Jehovah Witnesses, and Pentecostal churches among others. In my undergraduate college years I joined the Church of Scientology and later in life Religious Science International.  Today I am not affiliated to any religious group; however I do continue independent studies in Theosophy, science, quantum physics and metaphysics as part of my intellectual / artistic - spiritual development.

I know that “Every thought is Creative, as Perception is the observer’s reality”, therefore it is my mission to produce a visual expression that provokes controversy, thoughts and conversation on behalf of the visual participant, leaving them with an impression while telling them a story, or at least make them curious to research and learn more about the reality that trigger their reaction to my art pieces.



Artslant Prize 2012 "The Showcase Series" Round #3 mixed media winner

Art Exhibits:


International Art Festival at the Museum of Russian Art MORA, Jersey City, New Jersey, August 8,2012


The Clayton Center , Clayton North  Carolina, October 7, 2010

LGBT of Raleigh solo show , Cabarrus St, Raleigh NC  October 1, 2010

Spark Con Gallery, The Hive, Raleigh NC, September 17 , 2010

Homage, Sertoma Arts Center Raleigh NC, August 3-31, 2010.

Unfettered, Visual Arts Exchange, May 2010, Raleigh ,NC.

Creations from the Cosmos , Port City Java April 2, 2010 , 234 Fayetteville St.

Raleigh, NC 27601, 6:00 P.M.

Color, 311 Gallery, March 5, 2010. 311 W. martin St. Raleigh North Carolina.

Letters, The Lodi Project art Gallery, January 8, 2010. Raleigh North Carolina

Alphabet Soup, The Lodi Project, January 8, 2010.Raleigh, North Carolina

For the Love of Art , February 6, 2010, Raleigh, North Carolina


Seeing Red, July 3,2009 Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh North Carolina

Sparkon ,September 17, 2009,  Raleigh North Carolina

Alchemy, October 2, 2009 Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh North Carolina.

Made in The USA,October 2, 2009 Cozarts Art & Antiques, Raleigh, North Carolina

Works of The Heart, November 7, 2009,  Raleigh North Carolina

Sale for the Season, Visual Art Exchange , December 4, 2009 Raleigh, North Carolina


 Sr. Students Art Show University of Puerto Rico Art Museum, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico


Galleria Frincisco Oller y Cestero, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

Arte Joven 79 Art Competition, Rio Piedras Puerto Rico


Arte Joven 78 Art Competition, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sophomore Art show University of Puerto Rico Art Museum, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico