Marie Hines Cowan

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Athena in the Studio 1, 2010 Oil on Canvas 42"x58" © MArie HInes Cowan
Athena in the Studio 2, 2010 Oil on Canvas 42"x58" © Marie HInes Cowan
Aurora's Sister, 2004 Oil on Canvas 60"x64" © Marie Hines Cowan
Cartoon for the Sisting Chapel Ceiling, 2010 Oil on Cnavas 72"x72" © Marie HInes Cowan
Felice, 2009 Oil on Canvas 32"x56" © Marie Hines Cowan
Medea, 2009 Oil on Canvas 70"x32" © Marie Hines Cowan
Pan and Plato, 2010 Oil on Canvas 44"x58 © Marie Hines Cowan
Persephone, 2004 Oil on Canvas 71"x83" © Marie Hines Cowan
Red and Black Figured Amphorae, 2010 Oil on Cnavas 78"x58" © Marie HInes Cowan
Rosy Fingered Dawn, 2011 Oil on Cnavas 32"x36" © MArie Hines Cowan
The Bacchante, 2009 Oil on Canvas 44"X70" © Marie Hines Canvas
The Gorgon, 2007 Oil on Cnavas 36"x24" © Marie HInes Cowan
The Most Beautiful Woman, 2004 Oil on Board 48"x60" © Marie Hines Cowan
The Neriad, 2009 Oil on Cnavas 30"x24" © Marie Hines Cowan
Venus in Furs, 2003 Oil on Canvas 52"x84" © Marie HInes Cowan
Quick Facts
Fashion Institute of Technology (NY)
New York University (NYU)
literature realism painting, art history, greek mythology figurative

My paintings are narratives, sometimes just phrases of a larger whole, sometimes longer paragraphs, but almost always part of a story. I have studied the evolution of myths as they were shared in Greek oral tradition and later passed down through literature and art, and so the stories I most often paint originate in Greek mythology. This may seem removed from today’s world and limiting but mythology is something that evolves and grows with its recountor. It takes on aspect of the culture it has joined and adds its own ideologies to that culture. Mythology is a melting pot, like New York. My paintings reflect this. I see the iconoclastic personifications of ideas, philosophies and the characters of Greek mythology in the everyday people of New York regardless of race, religion, status or age.

I work with live models selected specifically for their real-life association with the psychological aspects of the myths they embody. My subjects often look directly at the viewer. They confront the observer and demand a response.

 In my paintings, colors are pushed just a bit more than what the average eye sees. The palette is intense and aggressive, like the subject matter. I am more interested in the overwhelming intensities of nature than its subtleties, never mixing more than three colors on the palette, to arrive at what I put on the canvas.  I combine a painterly manner of laying on color with a bit of stylization.