Davyd Whaley

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Mary, 2010 Oil On Canvas 30 X 40 Inches © Davyd Whaley
Fields Of Play, 2011 Oil On Canvas 149 X 64 X 3 Inches © Davyd Whaley
Untitled Santa Monica Series VIII, 2012 Oil On Wood 13 By 9 In (33 By 24 In) © Davyd Whaley
Four Last Songs, 2014 Oil On Canvas 72 X 170 Inches © Davyd Whaley
Come Back To Me, 2014 Oil And Enamel On Canvas 92 X 120 X 4 Inches © Davyd Whaley
Quick Facts
Bristol TN
Birth year
Lives in
West Hollywood
Works in
Santa Fe Art Colony
The Art Students League of New York, 2008
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 2013
Art Center College of Design
Representing galleries
contemporany art abstract, mixed-media
WHALEY - "Subconscious Tendencies"

 Whaley’s Journey into the Realms of the Subconscious and Dreams

The abstract, surreal paintings of American artist Davyd Whaley are replete with elements of story and meaning while providing a glimpse into the artist’s world of the subconscious and dreams. Characterized by bright vivid color, rich tactile depth, a masterful use of shadow and light, the unexpected presence of hidden forms and unparalleled complexity in terms of composition and execution, Whaley’s paintings explore subjects close to the heart of the human experience and the vast cycles of energy and emotion that in many ways define our world. Simultaneously, his work focuses on the ever-evolving play of pattern and how it changes over time and sometimes diverges from the norm. Here, recognizable patterns and/or colors occurring in natural and urban landscapes are broken down and re-created in compelling artistic forms.

Whaley seeks to explore elements of story within his compositions, developing and pursuing powerful subtexts intended to move the viewer and take him or her on a journey into new areas of human consciousness. As he explains, “I suppose paintings are to painters as stories are to writers... manifestations of the imagination. I like to share these stories as they emerge from the unconscious.” Whaley’s paintings are likewise often inspired by dreams, where his subconscious provides him with new ideas to explore that are easily translated onto the canvas. Following the work of Carl Jung, Whaley keeps a dream journal, and much of his art stems from those fragments, images, and vague awarenesses that he records. The artist says that, “I believe our subconscious provides answers to most of life’s questions, if we pay close attention and if we are willing to do something with those answers. There needs to be a willingness to connect.” Indeed, Whaley’s paintings are an effort to connect those answers, to weave the fragments together to ascertain the deeper ethereal meanings and spiritual themes of our lives.