Philo Northrup

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Summer Is Over, 2007 Mixed Media 24 X 12 X 19 © copyright Philo 2007
Econ Fury, 2009 Mixed Media 20 X 12 X 8 © copyright Philo 2009
X on Blue, 2009 Mixed Media 20 X 19 © courtesy of the Artist and Kaleid Gallery
Space Window, 2009 Mixed Media 30 X 40 © copyright Philo 2009
Red Toy Box, 2010 Mixed Media 10 X 6 X 9 © copyright Philo 2010
Green Toy Box, 2010 Mixed Media 9 X 6 X 7 © copyright Philo 2010
Daisy Singer, 2005-2011 Art Car Artified Honda Element © copyright Philo 2005-2011
Truck in Flux, 1990-2011 Art Car Artified Ford Ranger © copyright Philo 1990-2011
Daisy SInger with dogs Art Car © copyright Philo 2010
Truck in Flux on the Playa, 1999 Art Car © copyright philo 2009
Chien Mechant, 2009 Mixed Media 12 X 10 X 12 © copyright philo 2009
Bad Kitty, 2009 Mixed Media 10 X 12 X 15 © copyright 2009
Buick of Unconditional Love, 2005 Art Car 22' X 10' X 7' © copyright Philo 2000-2006
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Art Car, mixed-media, ArtCar installation, graffiti/street-art, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance

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Toys were never innocent playthings to me.  I have always seen them as troubled friends - symbols of the culture that made them. 

While I’m suspicious of the helpful attitudes of action figures, I trust decay.  Rust and rot supply me with the beauty I need to create artworks. 

I rarely start off with a design in mind; rather I prefer to riff off the objects I find and let them chart the initial course. Flotsam and jetsam speak to me, and I amplify that discourse into assemblages that often result in surprising resonances.  Sometimes they’re beautiful.  Sometimes they’re disturbingly familiar.  Sometimes they’re archeological evidence of a once proud civilization.

I’ve been doing this since I was 9 years old, when I fabricated “trophies” for my older brothers to commemorate their most memorable screw-ups.  I can’t seem to stop.