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Cacology, 2008 Cut Paper 24" X 48" © Lex McQuilkin
call /// response, or, an elegy for a collective incommunicado, 2008 Cut Paper, Ribbon, Acetate, Paint Variable © Lex McQuilkin
Good Old Boys, 2007 Cut Paper 18" X 24" © Lex McQuilkin
W I T C H E S, 2012 Graphite, Ink 9" X 12" © Lex McQuilkin/Non Scripta
YES, 2010 Paper, Wood, Light 15" X 18" © Lex McQuilkin/Non Scripta
After Barnum/Fiji Mermaid, 2011 Paper 48" X 96" © Lex McQuilkin/Non Scripta
Out of Place, 2012 Cut Paper, String Installation © photo credit: Tony Francesconi
Out of Place (detail), 2012 Paper, String Installation © photo credit: Tony Francesconi
Relative Obscurity, 2012 Graphite, Ink 9" X 12" © Lex McQuilkin/Non Scripta
de/composition fig 2, 2012 Paper, Ink, Plexiglas 10" X 14" © Lex McQuilkin/Non Scripta
You Never Know, 2013 Paper, Ink, Enamel, Found Lifering © Lex McQuilkin/Non Scripta
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paper, cut paper, video, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, conceptual, pop, modern, photography, digital, graffiti/street-art

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Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, schooled in Chicago, and presently based in Oakland, Lex Non Scripta is a cut-paper artist, poster maker, illustrator, activist, and independent curator, with a creative focus  heavily informed by social justice/practice/responsibility, transgressive politics, and self sufficiency in/critical investigation of the queer community.


·  experience  ·

Lex is co-founder of Aorta Magazine: for/by/about women and queers in the arts, former resident artist at Million Fishes Arts Collective, former fellow in the Emerging Arts Professionals SF fellowship program, and proprietor Argot Printshop, with prints that benefit radical, social justice, and community oriented projects and organizations. For the past several years, Lex has focused their energy on creating free, collaboratively-produced, community focused queer art events, acting as a key organizer for the Mission Queer History walking tour in 2010, Bring Your Own Queer/BYOQ: a free art & music festival in 2009 and 2010, Dirtstar 2011 in conjunction with the National Queer Arts Festivaland Luggage Store Gallery/Tenderloin National Forest, and Best Revenge, a multi-venue, single day spectacular on community resistance for the NQAF 2012. In July 2011, Lex was awarded a residency at Signal Fire Arts in the Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon. Currently, Lex is on the coordinating committee for the Transformative Arts Practice Space, a hub for creative practice in which participants are invited to examine the roles of artists in intersections of activism, as part of the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, is participating in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts’ think tank series — Creative Ecosystem: Body Politic, and is curating Passage & Place for the 2014 National Queer Arts Festival.


· grants/fellowships ·

2014: Queer Cultural Center/National Queer Arts Festival Exhibition Grant: Passage & Place
2014: Center For Cultural Innovation: Creative Capacity Fund Quick Grant
2013-14: Body Politic Think Tank: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
2012-13: Pro Arts Community Advocacy Alliance
2012: Emerging Arts Professionals Fellowship
2012: Queer Cultural Center/National Queer Arts Festival Exhibition Grant: Best Revenge
2011: Queer Cultural Center/National Queer Arts Festival Exhibition Grant: Dirtstar
2009: Southern Exposure Alternative Exposure Grant: Aorta Magazine


· organizational, collaborative & curatorial projects ·

2012-13: Transformative Arts Practice Space/Allied Media Conference, Detroit MI
2011-12: Best Revenge: art & discussion series/National Queer Arts Festival, San Francisco CA
2011-12: Artists of the 99 Percent, San Francisco CA
2011: True Compassion: Intersection for the Arts, Larkin Street Youth Services, San Francisco CA
2010-11: Dirtstar/National Queer Arts Festival, San Francisco CA
2008-11: Aorta Magazine, Oakland/San Francisco CA
2009-10: BYOQ/Bring Your Own Queer: Art & Music Festival, San Francisco CA

· exhibition record ·

2014: Field of Inquiry, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco CA

2013: Re/Finery, *solo show* The Lexington Club, San Francisco CA
Strange Loop, LoBot Gallery, Oakland CA

2011: Shelter, Incline Gallery, San Francisco CA
Freakshow, La Miscelanea, Mexico City MX
Current, Million Fishes Arts Gallery, San Francisco CA

2010: Beast, Million Fishes Arts Gallery, San Francisco CA
Mission Queer History project, Modern Times/National Queer Arts Festival, San Francisco CA

2009: Homegrown, SOMArts Gallery, San Francisco CA
Fresh Meat in the Gallery, The Center, San Francisco CA

2008: Idle Hands, *solo show* Steadfast Gallery, Lacombe Alberta, Canada
Running with Scissors, Flanders 311 Gallery, Raleigh NC
Neu Wave Feminism, Femina Potens Gallery, San Francisco CA
Suite Jesus, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco CA
Heart Attack, Eclectix Gallery, El Cerrito CA

2007: Boosh Noel, Ghosttown Gallery, Oakland CA

2006: De-Matter-Realized, All Rise Gallery, Chicago IL
Pulped Fiction, Las Manos Gallery, Chicago IL
Flora/Fauna, Hobbyhorse, Berkeley CA
New Americana, Hokin Gallery, Chicago IL
Printers Proofs, Heaven Gallery, Chicago IL

2005: Word, Hokin Gallery, Chicago IL
Paper Echo, Hokin Gallery, Chicago IL
Cash And Carry, Lisa Boyle Gallery, Chicago IL
Sketchy IV, Hokin Gallery, Chicago IL
Spring Formal, HighSchool Collective/Artspace, Chicago IL
Vice Grip, Hokin Gallery, Chicago IL

2004: East Village Arts Walk, Chicago IL
Ongoing collection, Monkey Business Gallery, Chicago IL

· lectures & panels ·

2011: Mission Queer History Project, SOMArts/Chrysalis, San Francisco CA
2010: Women in Publishing, Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco CA
2009: Feminism in the Arts Today, The Art Institute of California, San Francisco CA


· residencies ·

2011: Signal Fire, Outpost, Mt Hood OR
2010-11: Million Fishes Arts Collective, San Francisco CA

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