Zig Gron

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Door Opera, 2009 Single Channel Video Variable © Zig Gron
Autoscape No.2, 2011 Single Channel Hd Video Variable © Zig Gron
7 Billion Billionaires, 2010 3 Channel Video Installation Variable © Zig Gron
Life Mask, 2011 Single Channel Hd Video Variable © Zig Gron
Espial, 2008 Single Channel Video Variable © Zig Gron
Winter Scene, 2009 2 Channel Video Installation Variable © Zig Gron
Konflikt, 2008 Single Channel Video Variable © Zig Gron
Quick Facts
CalArts (California Institute of the Arts), 1990, MFA
installation, video-art, landscape, modern, digital, conceptual

Zig Gron is a video artist, filmmaker, and musician, working most recently in the area of video installation, producing synchronized multiple-channel projections and interactive video sculpture.  At times, pointing the camera at himself, at other times content with isolated abstract imagery (either appropriated or original), Gron’s work is concerned with the idea of synergy – the combination, juxtaposition, and multiplicative layering of small, seemingly insignificant images or actions to create a more powerful “whole” – explored through the use of complex rhythm, patterning, and at times, experimental narrative.  He uses humor to question authority and the framing of contemporary Man as commodity.  Zig Gron received an MFA in film/video at CalArts in 1990 and a Bachelors of Music in composition from Western Michigan University including a year of graduate composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where his one-act opera, “Sweeney Agonistes” from the T. S. Eliot poem was performed in 1986.  His 1992, one-man tour-de-force video, “Mono Playhouse” was a hit at the Dallas Video Festival (where it reappeared as part of the “Best of the Decade”, the Pacific Film Archives in Berkeley, California, the Millennium in New York, and won the Juror’s Award at the Charlotte (NC) Film and Video Festival, a Certificate of Merit at the Chicago International Film Festival, and runner-up for best feature at the Chicago Underground Film Festival.  Recently he provided a digital set design comprised of 3 projection screens for a live musical performance at REDCAT in collaboration with composer Steve Horowitz and his tongue-in-cheek nod to B-movie sci-fi films, “Invasion from the Chicken Planet” for 10 musicians, four actors, two singers, narrator and theremin.  Gron has also worked in Hollywood as a music editor creating temporary soundtracks for over 50 feature films including “The Matrix” trilogy, “Three Kings” and “August Rush.”