Mir Kian Roshannia

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In Black & White, 2010 Digital Print 17 © PX3 2010 Winners
Curves & Covers #1 Digital Print 60.5"X44"
In Lines & Curves #2 Digital Print 20.8"X15.5"
Curve Digital Print 35.4"X 47.2"
White In Black Digital Print 44"X66"
Under Cover #1 Digital Print 35.4"X47.2"
Under Cover #2 Digital Print 61.8"X44"
Under Cover #3 Digital Print 66"X49.4"
Curve #2 Digital Print 46"X61.3"
Curve #3 Digital Print 46"X61.3"
Under Cover #4 Digital Print 14.3"X11.8"
Under Cover #5 Digital Print 16.8"X11.7"
Curves In White , 2010 Digital Print 22.22 X 16.65 Inches
In Black & White#2, 2010 Digital Print 18.6"X25.2"
In Black & White#3, 2010 Digital Print 18.6"X25.2"
In Black & White#4, 2010 Digital Print 18.6"X24.3"
In Black & White#5, 2010 Digital Print 18.5 X 24.5 Inches
In Black & White#6, 2010 Digital Print 24.5 X 18.4 Inches
In Black & White#7, 2010 Digital Print 18.4"X25.5"
In Black & White#8, 2010 Digital Print 18.8"X25.4"
Twilight, Aug 2010 Digital Image Print Graphic 37.5" X 26.5" © Px3 People Choice Awards -2010
Quick Facts
Lives in
Tehran & Toronto
Works in
Tehran & Toronto
fine art photography, surrealism modern, gallery digital, figurative, conceptual


Statement (1)

Forms & Figures

The simplicity Of curves and lines which comes up from any element in my space makes me sense the beauty of Art .The combination of curves light, contrast, impressed me  to create images contain forms and figures of human and element

Prepared spaces from colored, Black & white paper and make some element s presents human feelings and experiences

These spaces have a constructed design that is manufactured in order to express a new concept of Forms.

After designing this space I photographed them using Canon 50D camera, editing software and print the images.


Statement (2)


It is through the ordinary that we are able to recognize the extraordinary or strange. Break down the conventions of beauty and look beyond the traditional to the unusual. Strange Beauty is found in the unfamiliar, evoking wonder and awe. Beauty is found in the unexpected.

 I see an invisible image in my mind’s eye and then endeavor to record it as a photo.

I make images that help me to reveal what I feel about the concepts. I’m interested to express my feeling   by making conceptual and surreal images.

My conceptual work is a confluence of people, elements and landscape. After photographing these subjects, I sometimes combine several natural images into one single image, but these are real people and real textures, photographed and layered to create fine art photography.

Statement (3)

The Great Civilization  (Upcoming Soon)


Interested in Digital Photography from 2004 and this encouraged me to learn more about this Art.

I’ve studied at "Tehran Fine Art University" Faculty of photography as a freelance student for 1 year and work as Freelance photographer with interest in Fine Art photography.

I was fortune enough to visit Art Galleries in  different part of the word such as Paris ,Toronto , Vancouver,…These different experiences makes me more interested in fine art photography and creating conceptual and surreal images .

I’ve recently been making images combination of Forms, Including Human and Elements such as sculptures paper works and … to make my idea more impressive.


Work as a  freelance photographer with interest in Fine Art photography.



-2nd Place winner (Fine Art-Abstract-NP) of the Prix De La Photographie Paris  2010

-Honorable Mention PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris 2010

-Honorable Mention PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris 2009

-3rd Place Portraiture people’s Choice Award PX3 Paris 2009

-Honorable Mention International Photography Award, USA 2008

-Honorable Mention Tropical Image Int’l Exhibition, USA   2008

-Knack Photo Award   Knokke, Belgium   2007



  -From Desert to Sea Virtual Photo Exhibition, Iranian Photo Agency (IPA) Gallery 2008

-Life and Dreams Short Film Cann Short Film Corner 2008                                                             

-Worship Solo Photo Exhibition, Tehran Cultural Center 2007




-Coachella International Exhibition, USA 2010


-Tropical Image Int’l Exhibition, USA 2010

-The 116th Toronto International Salon of Photography, Canada 2009

-5th International Salon of Art Photography Festival TULLE, France 2009

- NYPH 09 festival, USA 2009

-Tropical Image Int’l Exhibition, USA 2009

-19th Int’l Biennial of Humors & Satire Art, Bulgaria 2009

-2nd Croatian International Digital Photo Salon - OSIJEK, Croatia 2008           

-115th Toronto International Photography   Canada   2008        

-8th Malmo International Photographic Art, SWEDEN 2008

-Image of the Year Photo Exhibition Tehran, Iran 2008 

-Greater Lynn Int’l Photo Exhibition USA 2008

-History of Photography in Iran 2008

-Photo house Exhibition of Tehran City   Tehran, Iran 2008

-Abrang Photo Exhibition Mashhad, Iran 2008

-Image of the Year Photo Exhibition Tehran, Iran 2007

-Citta Di Garbagnate   Italy     2007

-Fotoforum Slovakia    2007

-18th Int’l Biennial of Humors & Satire Art Bulgaria 2007

-Hors Photo Concur   Tulle, France   2007

-Image of the Year Photo Exhibition Tehran, Iran 2006