Jeff Tritel

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Battle of Wills, 2005 Bronze With Patina 11" X 9" X 6" © 2005
Persevernce, 2003 Bronze With Patina 10" X 16" X 9" © 2003
Abigail's Dragon, 2006 Bronze 20 Feet © 2006
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Los Angeles
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Lives in
Grass Valley, CA
Works in
Grass Valley, CA
University of California, UC Santa Cruz, 1976, BFA
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currently seeking representation
figurative, sculpture

Currently seeking domestic and international representation.

His work is figurative and draws from fantasy, mythology and psychology.

Tritel has received numerous awards and extensive media coverage.  His work has been featured on TV and in galleries and shows around the country.  He appeared as an expert witness on originality in several civil suits.

Tritel creates sculpture that touches his audience.  "I sculpt my feelings and experiences.  I sculpt the human condition," he says.  "Even though we are all unique individuals, I find there are many common threads that connect us.  I find that many people are able to relate very strongly to these sculptural expressions."

"I start with an intellectual premise.  Then by incorporating personal sculptural symbolism, I reach the essence of my subject." Tritel adds, "Rather than sculpting the musician, I sculpt the music.  Instead of the unicorn, I sculpt the magic."

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