Tonito Valderrama

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"The Nest", June 2006 Branches And Cement Covered Stones 15 Foot Circumference
"Balance", 2005 Stone And Wood 12' X 2'
"Starburst", 2006 Bamboo 6' Circumference
"Glacier", 2007 Ice And Wood 25'x 4'
"Emergence", 2007 Carved Wood And Live Plants Seven 1' 2' Egg Forms © Billy Joel Park
"Sand Drawing", 2007 Sand,Shells, Horseshoe Crabs 30' Long
"Natural Self Portrait" Cold Spring Harbor, 2008 Mud Finger Painted On Boulder 3.5'hx 4' W
"Tree Spirits" Governor's Island,Sculpture Guild, Summer 2008 7 Hand Carved Logs 1' 3' High
Flight of the Seven Nations of Peace, September 2009 Rice Paper And Bamboo Blinds 6' 10' Wingspans
"Hello Van Gogh" made from self portrait painting, 2004 Ceramic Bust With Iron Oxide 2'hx1.5w
"Wise O'Keefe", 2004 Ceramic Bust With Iron Oxide 2'hx1.5w
"Puzzled Pollack", 2004 Ceramic Bust With Iron Oxide 2'hx1.5w
"DaVinci in Red" made from self portrait in red chalk, 2004 Ceramic Bust With Iron Oxide 2'hx1.5w
"The Valesquez Within Me" tribute to Juan DeParejas Portrait as self, 2005 Pastel On Black Paper, Photo Of Self In Reflection 3'hx 2.5' W
"Flight of the Seven Nations of Peace" at night, Sept 2009 Rice Paper And Bamboo Blinds 6 10 Foot Wingspans
"The Peace Nest" at the Tilles Center, Oct. 2009 Branches From Liu Campus And Carved Logs 9 Foot Cirumference
"Peace Reborn" , Oct. 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 20x16
"Terra-Pin" commission for Avalon Park Auction, Sept . 2009 Paint,Stones,Ceramic Face On Fiber Glass Turtle 3' X 2.5'
"Leaf Spirit" from living nature series, 2007 Clay 9"X 4"
"The Nest in Cold Spring Harbor", Oct. 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 20"X16"
"Kindred Spirits" Permanent display at Suffolk Community College,Brentwood, displayed Oct.2009 Fired Ceramic With Iron Oxide Pigment 12"X 8"
"Zen Leaf" displayed in meditation room, 6/2009 Rice Paper And Bamboo Blinds 2'hx1'w
"Love Intertwined" Wedding Gift, Sept. 2009 Fired Ceramic With Iron Oxide Pigment 12"X 6"
"My Dove,Peace", 2000 Charcoal,Pencil On Paper 11x8.5
Great Blue Heron Buoy, Feb 2010 Acrylic On Buoy 15'x9'
Flying Great Blue Heron Buoy, Feb 2010 Acrylic On Buoy 15''X9''
The Great Nest Hunt Event, May 16, 2010 2-4pm raindate:May 23 2010 Branches And Carved Logs 10ft Circ.
"Feather Spirit" Talking Stick, Feb 2010 Wood Burning On Stick ,Feathers,Beads, Suede 2' Long
New Year's Angel, New Year's Eve 2009 Sculpted Snow 5' High X 2'wide
Talking Stick Ceremony, 2010 Wood Burned Stick 2'
Stone Couple", 2005 Large Stones 4'hx 2'l X 1'w
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Main Street Petite Gallery 213 Main St. Huntington NY 11743
environmental, Art, installation, sculpture

“Study the leaf, rock and tree, there you will find some of the greatest answers to life’s mysteries.”


Art lives in the elements of all living things and is communicated through the universal language of creative expression. As an artist, my goal is to capture that creative language using those materials that speak to me naturally. One branch, one stone, or one leaf at a time helps in building the words to the story I am trying to relate. A simple understanding for the beauty of nature in its grandeur and microcosmic sense is the intrinsic message I seek.

My work speaks of the timeless marriage between man and nature that must not be forgotten. It is a meditative moment in time to reflect on the greatest masterpiece-the earth. We are all part of it, live on it and breath it, yet some still believe she is not alive or just a footing beneath us. People claim their part of her, take her at will and cover her beauty with what they think are more aesthetic and suitable structures. Warm earth, shading trees and soft grasses are covered mercilessly with cold concrete, over towering buildings and hard brick. She is suffocated by selfish endeavors and monetary minds. As an artist I feel a need to express the relationship with nature in a way that makes the viewer appreciate the already artistic textures of bark, flawless forms of stones and the smooth symmetry of the leaves. By incorporating these kinds of small natural elements, I am sharing the basic vocabulary for understanding the earth’s universal language.

When I work with the earth, I try not to dictate its form but rather collaborate with its natural flow. Whether I play off the movement of a branch or piece of bark that inspires the rest of the art or wait for a stone to find its own balance in a composition.  The materials teach me in a sense that impermanence; imperfection, irregularity, and simplicity are all aesthetic qualities that are beautiful metaphors for life. Many works wind up relating to my own life symbolically in one way or another. Simple shapes and gestures emerge many times intuitively in basic symbols that I later will find means something very strong in my Native American roots. My work with nature has also helped me to find a deeper understanding of myself as an artist and a person. A drive and motivation fills me when I touch a piece of the earth that might have been shared with a native ancestor or kindred spirit. It is as if I can speak without words, live without time and think as free as the air.

Like life, my art will age and one day fade into the sunset, but not without leaving an indelible mark and statement using the same natural universal language that has inspired me. To work with the earth’s elements as art has taught me to explore with new eyes and to know that art is within everything around us, it is the artist who must stop a moment to recognize and appreciate the true aesthetics of a subject!



“To witness the melting of the snow, the falling of the leaves, and the setting of the sun is to truly understand the beauty of life’s ephemeral qualities.”



-Tonito Valderrama