Kim Dingle

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Dresspole (from Fatty on Fudge), 2002 Oil On Linen © Kim Dingle
Fatty on Fudge, 2002 Oil On Linen © Kim Dingle
Bedspread (from Fatty on Fudge), 2002 Oil On Linen © Kim Dingle
Cake, 2007
What Do You Think, 2012
Will This Ever End, 2012
63MG 4ME, 2000
Priss Installation, 1999
Service At Fatty's, 2007
Waiting, 2012
Last Supper Garbage, 2007
Monkey Blowing His Brains Out At Fatty's Restaurant, 2007
Untitled Birthday
Portrait of Ed Sullivan As A Young Girl, 1990
Untitled (One Large Slice with Purple Icing), 2007 Oil On Canvas 60 X 48 Inches
Untitled (Knocked Out on a Doily), 2007 Oil On Canvas 60 X 48 Inches 152.4 X 121.9 Cm © Sperone Westwater
Studies for the Last Supper at Fatty's (Flambe), 2007 Oil On Vellum 95 X 72 Inches © Sperone Westwater
Never in School (two girls, one kicking her underwear off), 2000 Oil On Vellum 24 X 19 Inches © Sperone Westwater
The Nelson: Takedowns and Pinning Combinations (messy shoes), 1999 Oil On Vellum 48 X 60 Inches © Sperone Westwater
Untitled (Hatchet), 1998 Oil On Linen 84 X 72 Inches © Sperone Westwater
Untitled (Ivy), 2001 Oil On Linen 84 X 72 Inches © Sperone Westwater
© Courtesy of the artist & Sperone Westwater
Stuffing Pinky, 2007
The Very Last Supper, 2011
Wine Bar For Children, 2013 © Kim Dingle
Quick Facts
Pomona, CA
Birth year
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Using a palette described by one critic as “evocative of both the sepia tones of daguerreotype photographs and the dark paintings of Zurbarán and Goya,” Kim Dingle imbues these scenes of frolic and frenzy with an ethereal glow. Dingle’s usual protagonists—the fat white frocked everygirls—previously gripped by a mindless and inexplicable violence against nature and each other, are now suddenly consumed by the urgency, drama and brutal stress of Fine Dining.

Born in 1951 in Pomona, CA, Dingle lives and works in Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited extensively and she has had several solo exhibitions including shows at the Otis Gallery, Otis College of Art, Los Angeles (1995-1996), The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago (1996) and the Bell Gallery at Brown University (2000). Dingle was included in the 2000 Whitney Biennial and her work appeared in a major group exhibition entitled "Sunshine and Noir: Art in L. A., 1960–1997," which traveled to several major institutions in Europe.



Pomona, CA, 1951



B.F.A. California State University, Los Angeles


M.F.A. Claremont Graduate School, CA



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