Douglas Greengard

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RedwhiteBlue microchip id x-0206, 2-10-2010 Painting 2ft X 2ft
My signature and symbol, 2009 Painting 2ft X 2ft © ©
SOLD, 2009 Painting 2ft X 2ft
SOLD, 2009 Painting 2ft X 2ft
Dripping plastic 2754, 2013 Plastic 30 X 24 X 1 Inches © 2013
Microchip id x-2957, 2009 Painting 2ft X 2ft
Microchip id x-1244, 2009 Painting 2ft X 2ft
RFID Microchip ID x3497 Experimental Abstract Expressionism 48 X 48 X .25 Inches © 2011
x5920, 2012 Acrylic On Hardboard 47 X 47 X .25 Inches
RFID microchip id x7908, 2012 Recycled Paper Inks Aluminum Chips, Night Glowing Phosphorus With Hard Acrylic Coating 35 X 35 X 1 Inches
RFID microchip ID x6731, 2011 Acrylic On Hardboard With Led Back Light 47 X 47 X 1 Inches
microchip id x2952, 2012 Recycled Paper Metalic Paint 20 X 75 X 2 Inches © 2012
microchip id x6882, 2012 Recycled Paper Metalic Paint 55 X 55 X 1 Inches © 2012
Recycled paper & inks flower, 2012 Paper Inks Plastic With Blue Led Backlight 44 X 44 X 1 Inches © 2012
x9887, 2013 Led Wall Art Multi Color With Remote 40 X 40 X 3 Inches © 2013
expressionism american flag, 2012 Acrylic On Hardboard 47 X 47 © 2012
Large modern artwork 48x48 ID x6082, 2012 Polyinks 48 X 48 X .5 Inches © 2012
Art meets Tech, 2012 Recycled Paper 22" Diameter © 2012
taffy pull ID x6091, 2013 Plastic 29 X 24 X 1 Inches © 2013
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New Mexico
abstract-expressionism, modernist, modernism, experimental, painting, sculpture, mixed-media, modern

Douglas Greengard is a self taught experimental artist who thrives on being different by using a variety of techniques and materials.  Some of his distinctive paintings burst from their canvases in unrestrained explosions of vivid colors, this energy radiates from the center creating a microcosm of pattern within the larger composition. Some of his artwork has a life of its own with an outcome that is minimally predictable. Materials Douglas uses includes  recycled paper, inkjet printer inks, acrylics, and rare earth glow phosphors.  The rare earth glow phosphors glow in the dark which give the viewer a different image at night.  Each piece has a RFID microchip that is embedded in the painting (just like a pet’s microchip). This chip has its own unique 18 digit identification number and can be used to authenticate his artwork.Douglas believes in only producing original artwork as his energy and love goes into each creation and thus he leaves a bit himself in each piece.  He is currently experimenting with mixed media in three dimensional forms.   Douglas uses a symbol for his signature which signifies “Peace Over Earth.”  Peace is represented by the letter V, which is an outline of the two fingers used to make the peace sign, Over is represented by a horizontal line, and Earth is represented by a circle. His artist mission is to challenge his own creative energies with unique works of art that bring continual pleasure to the viewing audience.

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