Matthew Troy Mullins

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Matthew Troy Mullins at Zane Bennett Contemporary Art May 25th, 2012 - June 22nd, 2012
Posted 5/23/12
Matthew Troy Mullins' ongoing solo show titled '' will be on view at Zane Bennett Contemporary Art until the 22nd June 2012. The title for this show, Teleharmonium, comes from one of the world’s first electronic musical instruments which share the same name. The most famous teleharmonium, played in New York’s Telharmonic Hall, was capable of playing music anywhere in the world that could be reached by a telephone wire (its music was transferred by means of electric signals through... [more]
- Heather McGill’s sculptures and works on paper are a perfect blend of spontaneity with engineering.  They simultaneously indulge in a hand-made, touched quality while embracing a mass-produced and gesture-free aesthetic.  Her surfaces are pristine.  They have the perfected artificial sweetness of a maraschino cherry.  But, underneath this veneer are hours of human labor, intention and a refreshing sense of exploration and play.   I had a few questions for the artist after seeing her work at... [more]
The art scene in Santa Fe is a wheel with two hubs.  Although galleries are spread all over town, there are two distinct art centers: The Railyard and Canyon Road. Each of these distinct art centers has a different focus, history and sense of identity, and visits to each center will leave very different impressions of Santa Fe’s visual culture. The narrow Canyon Road comprises an eclectic mix of 130 mostly adobe galleries and restaurants that wind up the hill, near Santa Fe’s historic plaza.... [more]