Maryam Hashemi

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Abjeez, 2009 Acrylics 25x35 Cm
Justice , 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 25x35cm
Hanging on , 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 120x91cm
Hanging there, 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 25x35 Cm
Sweet surrender, 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 120x91cm
Something is living on my head , 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 25x35 Cm
Behold the pale man , 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 25x35cm © no copyright
Sisters of Rhythm , 2013 Watercolour And Pencil 25x35 © No copyright
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Azad art university of tehran,Iran, 2001, BA
Iranian Art, iranian artist, london artist, performer, magical realism art, figurative at, interdiciplinary art, Art, artist, uk artist, Women Artists, female artist, humour, surrealist art, body, nude, mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, surrealism, figurative, exhibition/performance
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Since childhood I was interested in drawing which kept me occupied most of the times specially in lengthy family gatherings.
I studied Graphic Design at Azaad Art & Architecture University in Tehran and had my first solo show at Haft Samar gallery a year before finishing my studies which received a great deal of attention.
Soon after I finished the university in 2002 ,I moved to London ,hoping to work as a graphic designer which I found to be much more complicated than I had imagined specially when I realised that graphic design wasn’t for me.
It took me a couple of years to get back into producing art and since then I have been involved in different exhibitions and art projects also workshops.
I have also been exploring other forms of art such as acting, performance and dance ,which helped me to know my body and my voice.
At times I felt distracted by my never ending desire to try new things which now I realise has been a very useful training to enrich my paintings as well as enabling me to be an interdisciplinary artist.

My main focus is on the paintings as they have been part of me for such a long time, they are rooted in my subconscious and influenced by my upbringing in Iran and my strong interest in mythology and mysteries.
I enjoy combining the extremes which gives my work a surreal quality .My sense of humour always finds a way to infiltrate the serious subjects,it balances me and makes my reality far more interesting .

I see my artworks as living beings, each very unique and revealing hidden secrets and creating layers of dialogue .Sometimes it takes me years to fully understand them yet they always surprise me with new messages .They are my tool to understand myself and it allows me to go deep in places that one wouldn't dare to go.

My work has a new value for me,not because of how they look and the fact that most people like them but because I have realised that they have a surprising depth.

In recent years knowing myself has been my main focus.I have been producing series of self portraits starting with my journey and the challenges that I faced since arriving in London then moved into more playful exploration of my mind by letting the images pour out freely.

When I look at my works in the last 10 years, I can see a strong connection between them .
There is a continuous appearance of theme characters as if they are telling a story and each work seems to be a piece of a complicated puzzle.
The more I paint I realise there is a lot more to explore which I find extremely exciting and at the same time overwhelming .







- Exhibition at Other Cafe and Gallery


- ImaginHer,exhibition with Kavina Labonne at 198 Gallery                                                 - East & West,Group exhibition ,The Nehru Centre ,London
- Chelsea Arts Society annual group show,Chelsea Town Hall ,London
- Luxury Goods Festival,The reality of art ,group exhibition,Courtyard theatre,London
- Showcase Cities group exhibition,Richmix, London   
- Contemporary Iranians,Yellow Cake ,group exhibition ,Ginglik ,London                  

2011 - Luxury Goods festival , The Illusion of Art, Courtyard Theatre,London
- Exhibition at Yorkshire Waterways Museum Exhibition with Tim Lewis.
- Exhibition at The London Canal Museum with Tim Lewis ,London
- Contemporary Iranians ,group show ,Ginglik ,London
-10 women painters from Iran after 10 years ,Town Hall of Saint-Gilles ,Brussels
- Face Off, Exhibition with Haleh Jamali,Edinburgh Iranian Festival
2010 - Exhibition at The London Canal Museum with Tim Lewis ,London
- Solo exhibition at Broadway Theatre ,Barking
- Eat into Green ,National Trust project ,commissioned art, Morden Hall, London
- Displaced, Solo exhibition at Watermans Art Centre,London
- A Moving Exhibition, group show,Vyner Street Gallery,London
- Luxury Goods festival, Courtyard Theatre, London
- Red Threatening sky theatre play ,London
- Contemporary Iranians Darband 89 , group show,Ginglik,London

- Take a second look with Tim Lewis , London Canal Museum
- Luxury Goods festival ,The Value of Art, Foundry , London
- Contemporary Iranians ,Peykan 88 group show , Notting Hill Art Club,London
- Solo show at Edinburgh Iranian Festival, Edinburgh

- Exhibition at Terra Incognita event,Foolish People,491 gallery, London
2006 - Eastern Echos, exhibition with Saima Rasheed, Bhavan Centre
- Desire No Shackles,group shows , D'Last Studios, Chicago
- Pique Nique,group show in ,Cart Blanche (mobile gallery), Cumbria
- In Arcadia ,London Biennale  group show,The Stables gallery,Richmond
- Check In ,Cart Blanche (mobile gallery), Rome
- BBC family history day, British library, London
2005 - Group exhibition, Artzone,Edmonton
2004 - Hejab, solo exhibition, Promenade gallery, Hornsey , London

-10 women painters from Iran ,Town Hall of Saint-Gilles,Brussels
- Solo exhibition , Haft Samar gallery , Tehran

- Group exhibition at Barg gallery  Tehran