Daniel Edlen

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David Byrne, 03/05/09 Acrylic On Vinyl 12.5x12.5
Dave Matthews, 12/03/09 Acrylic On Vinyl 12.5x12.5
Lou Reed, 12/07/09 Acrylic On Vinyl 12.5x12.5
Zack de la Rocha, 07/31/09 Acrylic On Vinyl 12.5x12.5
Frank Zappa, 12/14/09 Acrylic On Vinyl 12.5x12.5
Elvis Costello, 06/08/09 Acrylic On Vinyl 12.5x12.5
Isaac Hayes, 05/21/09 Acrylic On Vinyl 12.5x12.5
Gene Simmons, 08/19/08 Acrylic On Vinyl 12.5x12.5
Grace Slick, 01/21/09 Acrylic On Vinyl 12.5x12.5
Snoop Doggy Dogg, 09/18/08 Acrylic On Vinyl 12.5x12.5
Tom Waits, 2011 Acrylic On Vinyl Record 12 1/2 X 12 1/2
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Daniel Edlen, creator of Vinyl Art, was born in Pacific Palisades, California on November 18, 1975. At the age of six, Daniel was enrolled in art classes at the Brentwood Art Center. It soon became evident to his parents and teachers that Daniel possessed great talent at an early age. This, combined with his passion for creativity, nurtured his love affair with art that would grow for many years.

After moving to Arizona in 2001, Daniel has become active in the local art community and has donated pieces to many charities throughout the United States that help to support the teaching and preservation of art in all its forms. He continues to use technology to reach new audiences and further his continued quest for sharing his art and love of music with the world.



Born during the early 90's after some experimentation, Vinyl Art is derived from the Pointillism technique which is characterized by dots of color applied in a seemingly random pattern which, when viewed from a distance, combines to form an image. After scrapping used vinyl records from various sources and using them as canvas, Daniel modified the technique to apply pure white paint to the black vinyl records. The overall effect is striking, due to the high contrast of the image, and the remarkable accuracy used to replicate the subject of the portrait.

Each original hand painted piece is unique. Due to the precision of each image, it is often thought that the image has been screened onto the record. However, this is not the case. Each vinyl record has been painted by hand using only white acrylic paint. Many are shocked to discover that no black paint is used on the vinyl to create any of the images that are portrayed. The white paint is applied in varying thickness, allowing the black of the record to create the shading that gives each piece its incredible depth.



Vinyl Art has landed in the hands of some notable clients, including the Hard Rock Hotel, the David Lynch Foundation, Roger Steffen's Reggae Archives, the Alabama Blues Project, the Mississippi Valley Blues Society, and a growing list of celebrity clients.

Along with an ever growing list of accomplishments and public installations, Daniel is proud to provide works to individuals on a commission basis, allowing each buyer to create a personalized portrait that reflects their intimate connection with the music and musicians being portrayed.

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