Antoaneta Melnikova-Hillman

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Black rouse, 2016 Encaustic On Board 20 X 20 X 0 Inches
Limitless-2, 2016 Encaustic On Board 20x20
Withe Balance-6, 2012 Encaustic On Board 24x24
Conversation-10, 2012 Encaustic And Epoxy On Board 24x17
Dubai morning, 2012 Encaustic,Epoxy,18k.Gold Pigment,Gold Tiles On Board 24x60
Embrasement, 2013 Encaustic On Board 16x20
Confidential white, 2013 Encaustic,Pencil And Shelac On Board 18x24
Forgotten white, 2013 Encaustic On Board, 18x24
Nonexistent words-24x48, 2013 Encaustic,Epoxy And Paper On Board 481 X 24 Inches
Cloud in the cloud-nest for words, 2013 Encaustic And Paper On Board 49x49
Transforming words, 2013 Encaustic And Paper On Board 24x48
Limitless, 2016 Encaustic On Board Triptich 121 X 36 Inches
Limitless-3, 2016 Encaustic On Board 20 X 20 X 1 Inches
Conversation-6, 2012 Encaustic On Board 12x15
Stay-4, 2012 Encaustic And Gold Leaf On Board 24x12
Stay-5, 2012 Encaustic,Gold Leaf,Sea Weed On Board 24x12
Disagreement-1, 2012 Encaustic And Gold Leaf On Board 12x24
Getting out-1, 2013 Encaustic 17x24
Gray, 2013 Encaustic 12x24
Journey, 2013 Encaustic On Board,Epoxy,Gold Tiles,Gold18k Pigment 16x24
Disconnected through communication, 2013 Encaustic,Paper And Plastic On Board 49x49
Getting out-1, 2016 Encaustic On Board 18x24
Between two temples, 01.09.2015 Encaustic On Board 36 X 36 X 0 Inches
Limitless-2, 2016 Encaustic On Board 20 X 20 X 1 Inches
Black rouse, 2016 Encaustic On Board 20 X 20 X 2 Inches
White rouse, 2016 Encaustic On Board Triptych 20 X 20 X 1 Inches
Limitless-1, 2016 Encaustic On Board Triptych 12 X 36 X 1 Inches
Celebrating color, 2016 Encaustic On Board 12 X 36 X 1 Inches
black rouse-2, 2016 Encaustic On Board 20 X 20 X 1 Inches
Black and white melody, 2016 Encaustic On Paper Board 20x30
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mixed media modern, encaustic, beeswax, rain, ice, organic, conceptual, modern


Antoaneta Melnikova-Hillman Is a self-taught artist. She considers herself  to be half Bulgarian, half Russian and 36%  American.   Her grandparents lost everything in the Russian Revolution,  fleeing for their lives to Turkey and later to Bulgaria.  Antoaneta was born in Pleven, Bulgaria, where she began her career in the arts writing poetry,  influenced as was her father by the beauty of Russian literature and language.  She published two books on poetry and her poems and stories appeared in various newspapers and magazines throughout Bulgaria.

Antoaneta began to experiment with oils at the age of eighteen. Her works first appeared in group exhibitions and later individually in Bulgaria.   She exhibited her work in Cyprus with a series of paintings dedicated to women and love, and since coming to the United States of America she has broadened her skills to encompass encaustic and acrylic mediums.  Her work here has been displayed in a number of exhibitions in the greater DFW area and her paintings are in private collections in Bulgaria, Italy, Cyprus, and USA.

A resident of the USA since 2001, Antoaneta has become accustomed to a new home and culture here in America where she continues her career as an artist. 

Connected Through White

When I think about communication between people, I think about the absence of communication. For me this is an important subject because I believe that most of the problems of today's world are created by the lack of sufficient communication. Words can heal, words can destroy. And words can bring peace or war. My focus, in creating "Connected Through White", was on the absence of words, on the forgotten language of the universe. I use my fascination with color white to support the concept because white is the color of the beginning, and of freedom. All of us have strong attachments to both concepts.

The sum of all the colors is white. It is the connection of all the things existing in harmony. Color white is the first single color and we are connected through the divine light and energy of this color from the begging of the world.We carry parts of this light deep inside of us,most of the time without realizing it. White stands for Yes. The opposite, Black, is the absence of color. A void. Stagnation and death of all colors .

Yet White is not just a color. It is a state of mind. White represents openness and truth, innocence and purity. So we are born the tabula rasa, a clean slate, and we connect to one another through realities that we create and participate in every second of our lives.All our thoughts and words are the fundament for future.That's way is so important to realize that we came from One source and we are one. Our differences are not excuse for conflicts and destruction of the universe-the only home we have. White aids mental clarity and evokes purification of thoughts and actions. It takes us on the road to knowledge, often referred to as a white path. For me, the color white is the color of communication because in its appearance I see an assurance of wholeness, completion and goodness . 



The conversation starts with us and it is endless . We talk with mimics, jesters, words, sounds and colors. I paint the silent conversation of my inner world and putting it on canvas is like writhing a book. And reading a book is also a conversation , between the author and the reader. My book is written with colors, instead of words, but I know that there are so many people out there who can read the colors, and make the conversation happened. . Ironically, I had a dream- to be a talk- show host.The artist daily work is done in silence and without audience, but there is still a conversation going on and still a lot's of ideas and thoughts can be broadcast through paint and canvas, and reach the many souls who wont to have a simple -Conversation.

               Artist statment

   I don't question my desire to paint but am thankful that it exists.  It gives my life direction.   Leonardo’s words that painting is poetry, seen rather than heard,  is reflected in my attitude towards painting.  I put the continuity of the idea and the transformation of reality in to a new world at the start of every work.  Chagall, Van Gogh, Dali and Klimt are the artists who have had a major influence on me. I believe that admiration of the great artists is the first step on the road to art.  I can't separate poetry from painting, and this is the duality that brings to existence my bodies of work like Balance, Ice House and Garden of Wish.
         I have been drawn to the beauty of minimal but exact expression in the form of art and for me this is the way to say much, if not everything.