Fabian Albertini

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EYE #2, 2007 80x100 © fabian©
EYE #3, 2007 80 X 100 © ©FABIAN
RIO #1, 2010 90x120 © fabian©
RIO #2, 2010 90x120 © fabian©
RIO #3, 2010 80 X 80 © ©FABIAN
RIO #5, 2010 80 X 80 © ©FABIAN
tronco#2, 2014
Totem#1, 2014 Photography
Pietra#1, 2014 Photography © ©fabianalbertini
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Milano and Rio de Janeiro
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gallery, FOUNDATION, Association, arts-education video-art, cultural-center, figurative, mixed-media, installation, landscape, photography, digital, exhibition/performance, photo

Fabian Albertini, Montecchio Emilia, Italy 1965. 

She exhibited in Europe, South America and Asia. Among the most important: Biennale FOTORIO2015, Rio Arte Corpo Movimento, Rio de Janeiro, Ama+zônia, FOTORIO2011 Biennale di Fotografia, Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, EYE, Théâtre Le Châtelet, Paris 2008, EYE, Teatro degli Arciboldi Milan, Italy 2007, EYE, Towol Theater, SI Dance Festival, Seoul, South Korea, Corpos, Mônica Filgueiras Art Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil 2006 Corpos, FOTORio Anita Schwartz Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2005 Performance  Video, MAC - Museum of contemporary art - Niteroi, Brazil 2005 Poesia del corpo,  Residence Arts Biennial - London, UK 2004.

 Her work has been exhibited in solo shows in several galleries throughout Europe and South America.

In 2011 Fabian presented her project Ama+zônia, for the 54th Venice Biennale Arsenale, Padiglione Italia “Lo stato dell'Arte nel 150th dell'Unita' d'Italia” curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Venice, Italy.

Among her pubblications ( 8 books ) the most important are Eye, Italy 2007 with partnership of MaxMara and Aterballetto , Ama+zônia, Brazil 2009 with the poems of Marcia Theophilo.

Fabian Albertini won several prizes and awards like the prize “Un Bosco per Kyoto 2010” with the book Ama+zônia, under the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic in Rome.

The artist is working nowadays on several series developed in Europe and South America.

Currently lives and works between Milan and Rio de Janeiro





Fabian Albertini   

Born 1965  in Montecchio Emilia, Italy. Lives and works between Milan and Rio de Janeiro.




              Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, Milan Italy




2017   Bianco Deserto, Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia, Spazio via Dei Due Gobbi Tre.


2016   Ballet Carmen K with Artemis Danza/Monica Casadei and Orchestra Sinfonica  (Georges Bizet)

           scene with photographs and video - Comunale Theatre of Bologna, Italy. ( until 2017).


2015      RIO ARTE CORPO MOVIMENTO, Bienale  FOTORIO2015, Sala Baden Powell,

             Rio de Janeiro, Brasile


2013      Ballet  La Doppia Notte, with Artemis Danza/Monica Casadei and Orchestra Sinfonica for Verdi and

              Wagner bicentenary, scene with photographs and video - Comunale Theatre of Bologna, Italy                                                          

               and in other places in important Theater in the world ( until 2017).

               Orchids, Fotografia Europea - Reggio Emilia, Italy  


2012      10 years retrospective, 30 ° Fotofestival Castle of Montecchio Emilia, Italy

               Ama+zônia, Sofitel - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

               Ama+zônia, Esther Giobbi  - São Paulo, Brazil

2011      Ama+zônia, Corpos da Natureza, FOTORIO  Biennial of photography, CCJF - Centro Cultural da   

              Justiça Federal - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

              Corpi, Kulay-Diwa - Manila, Phillipines


2009    Simplesmente eu, Clarice Lispector with Beth Goulart, scene with photographs and video - Brasilia,   

              Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ( until 2017)

              Eye, Via dei Gonzaga - Reggio Emilia, Italy


2008       Eye, Le Chatêlet Theater - Paris, France

               Eye, Festival Internazionale  della Letteratura - Mantova, Italy

               Eye, Fotografia Europea, Bonioni Arte Gallery - Reggio Emilia, Italy

               Silent Music, Salone Del Mobile - Milan, Italy

               Silent Music, Agnus Dei Gallery - Belo Horizonte, Brazil

               Silent Music, Casa da Bola - São Paulo, Brazil

                          Eye, Teatro Ponchielli - Cremona,Italy



2007       Corpos líquidos, Ateliê da Imagem Gallery - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

               Eye, Degli Arcimboldi Theater - Milan, Italy

               Eye, Municipal São Luiz Theater - Lisbon, Portugal

               Eye, Towol Theater, SI Dance Festival - Seoul, South Korea

               Eye, Duse Theater - Bologna, Italy

                           Eye, Teatro Wolubilis - Brussels, Belgium­­


2006       Corpos, Mônica Filgueiras Art Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil

               Eye, IM Pfalzbsu Theater - Ludwigshafen, Germany

               Eye, IM Forum Theater - Ludwigsburg, Germany

               Eye, Lucent Dans Theater - Haia, Netherland

               Eye, Comunale Theater - Modena, Italy

               Eye, Vittorio Emanuele Gallery Max Mara - Rome, Italy

               Moto Sospeso, Casa Cini - Ferrara, Italy

               Corpi all’ Infinito, Max Mara Gallery - Barcelona, Spain


2005        Corpi all’Infinito, RED Festival Theater - Reggio Emilia, Italy

                Corpos, FOTORio Anita Schwartz Gallery - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

                Corpi all’ Infinito, Festival Internazionale della Letteratura - Mantova, Italy

                Corpi all’ Infinito, Teatro Due - Parma,Italy


2004         Poesia del Corpo - Milan, Italy

                Silent Music, Orvieto Fotografia Festival at Palazzo dei Sette - Orvieto, Italy

                Silent Music, La Torre Gallery - Pisa, Italy


2003         Silent Music - Bergamo, Italy

                 Silent Music, Chiostri della Ghiara - Reggio Emilia, Italy



2002         Silent Music, 20º Fotofestival Castle of Montecchio Emilia, Italy

                 Nude look, Il corpo e la Moda - Montecchio Emilia, Italy


2000         Silent Music - Milan, Italy

                 The Documentary - Milan, Italy







2017        Tal Gallery Cidadela Art District Cascais, Portugal “Swipe, Baby Swipe”

                Scene with photographs and video “DONIZETTI® into a RAVE” Artemis Danza/Monica Casadei

                Bergamo, Italy.


2016         Auction held by Sotheby’s into the Triennale di Milano in favor of Caf Onlus.


2015          EFÍGIE,  Ateliê da Imagem Gallery,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

                  SER CARIOCA DA GEMA, Solar Grandjean de Montigny,PUC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



2012          Art Takes Times Square electronic billboards Exhibition, See Me - New York, US

                  ARTRio - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

                  DASLU Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil

                  SP-Foto - São Paulo, Brazil

                  SP-Arte - São Paulo, Brazil

                  Verão Carioca, Galeria da Gavea - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


2011          Ama+zônia, 54ª  Venice Biennial Arsenale  Pavilion Italia” Lo Stato dell’Arte nel 150º dell´ Unita

                  d’ Italia”, Venice, Italy  

                  Exhibition at Italian Embassy - Brasilia, Brazil

                  SP-Arte - São Paulo, Brazil

                  SP-Foto - São Paulo, Brazil

                  BEA-Brazilian Endowment for the Arts - New York, EUA



2010          Fotoativa - São Paulo and Belém, Brazil

                  SP-Arte - São Paulo, Brazil

2008           Ponto de Vista, DASLU Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil

                   SP-Arte - São Paulo, Brazil   

2007           Maison et Objet Paris - Paris, France

                   SP-Arte - São Paulo, Brazil

2006           Fabian e Mapplethorpe a confronto ,La Spina Gallery - Pisa, Italy

                   Nano Expo - Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Bogotá

2005           Performance  Video, MAC - Museum of contemporary art - Niteroi, Brazil


2004           Residence Arts Biennial - London, UK

                   Purifying Process, Performance video with Gabriela Maciel, Domotov Festival - Sapporo, Japan

                   Eletrolise, Performance video with Gabriela Maciel and Marquinhos Mescita , Atelie da Imagem

                    - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil      

                   Mostra o seu que eu mostro o Meu, Casa França Brasil - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


2003           Silent Music, FOTORio, Biennial of photography, Anita Schwartz Gallery - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1998           Rumors, organized by Comune di Milano and Regione Lombardia - Milan, Italy

1996           Emergency  Via della Spiga - Milan, Italy

1994           Director of photography “Maya’s play” movie, presented by Festival del cinema - Firenze, Italy



                 The Documentary, Italy 2000 Tibetan Buddhist culture

                 Silent Music, Italy 2002,text Massimo Mussini

                 Corpi all’infinito, Italy 2005 with Artemisdanza/Monica Casadei, text Massimo Mussini

                 Moto Sospeso ,Italy 2006 with Artemisdanza/Monica Casadei, text Franco Patruno, Dino del Vecchio

                 e Valentina Bonelli

                 Eye, Italy 2007 with Aterballetto,text Domenico Montalto e Mauro Bigonzetti 

                 Ama+zônia, Brazil 2009 poetry by Marcia Theophilo

                 RIO arte corpo movimento, Brazil 2011 text Angel Vianna




2010           Prize “Un Bosco Per Kyoto 2010” with the book “Ama+zônia”, offered by the High Patronage of   

                   the President of Italy - Campidoglio - Rome, Italy

2007           The Award “Sole 24Ore” at the tenth edition of the Enterprise and Culture Prize won by Marella

                   - Max Mara Group with the project “Meeting of Fashion, Dance and Photography” and to whom

                   has participated with Fabian’s photo exhibition “Eye” Aterballeto - Venice, Italy 

2004           She won the 1st prize for the black and white photography at Pisa Poesia e Immagine, Italy