Dan Woodard

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Burning Sun, 2009 Mixed Media 11.5"H X 11.5"W X 5" D © 2010
Ariadne, 2010 Ceramic With Bronze Coating 24.5 X 11 X 10 Inches © 2010
Split Rock, 2009 Mixed Media 21.5 X 14.5 X 6.25 Inches © 2010
Windswept, 2009 Mixed Media 16.75 X 14.5 X 7.5 Inches © 2010
Silence, 2010 Ceramic With Bronze Coating © 2010
Seed Pod, 2009 Mixed Media 12.5 X 6.75 X 11 Inches © 2010
Sunset, 2009 Mixed Media 10.5 X 20 X 13.5 Inches © 2010
Broken Promises, 2008 Cement, Copper, Metallic Leaf 6.5'h X 2'w X 1.75'd
Anguished Man with Broken Nose, 2010 Ceramic With Bronze Coating © 2010
Fertility Figure, 2010 Bronze © 2010
Solar Array, 2009 Mixed Media 9.5"H X 6"W X 9"D © 2010
Totemic Object, 2009 Mixed Media 9"H X 12"W X 8"D © 2011
Marion 3.0, 2011 Cast Stone With Gold Leaf And Pigment 10"H X 8"W X 6"D © 2011
Emerging Island, 2009 Mixed Media 15.5"H X 14.75"W X 9"D © 2010
In the studio...
In the land of the blind..., 2012 Terra Cotta With A Rusted Iron Coating 23"H X 26"W X 12"D © 2013
Kyra, 2012 Terra Cotta With Acrylic 29"H X 18"W X 13"D © 2013
Man with hand in front of face, 2012 Terra Cotta With A Rusted Iron Coating 17.5"H X 14"W X 13"D © 2013
The Space Between, 2012 Mixed Media 78"H X 12.5"W X 12.5"D © 2012
Burning Sun, 2012 Mixed Media 11.5" X 11.5" X 5" © 2012
Portrait of the Artist as an Old Fart, 2013 Terra Cotta, Bronze And Pewter Coating 18"H X 20"W X 13.75"D © 2013
Unknown Ritual Object Na569, 2013 Acid Stained Cement, Bronze Leaf, Steel 29"H X 6.75"W X 6.75"D © 2013
Pondering Man, 2014 Terra Cotta 16.5 X 18.5 X 14.5 Inches © 2014
Seed Pod, 2012 Mixed Media 12.5"H X 7"W X 11"D © 2012
Unknown Ritual Object Ab657, 2014 Acid Stained Cement, Bronze Leaf 12"H X 8"W X 8"D © 2014
Unknown Ritual Object Ag986, 2014 Acid Stained Cement, Bronze Leaf 12"H X 13.5"W X 7.5"D © 2014
Ouroboros, 2015 Wood
Unknown Ritual Object Cv359, 2015 Acid Stained Cement, Gold Leaf, Steel 68"H X 22.5"W X 16.5"D © 2015
Unknown Ritual Object Ab6657 Acid Stained Cement, Bronze Leaf
Unknown Ritual Object Cu359
Two curves, one sphere, 2012 Acid Stained Cement, Bronze Leaf 2.5 X 6 X 2 Feet
Altar Fragment, 2016 Acid Stained Cement, Copper, Wood 16"H X 14"W X 10.5"D © 2016
Quick Facts
Royal Oak, MI
Lives in
Redwood City, CA
Works in
Redwood City, CA
Stanford University, 1984, MFA
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 1969, BA
Representing galleries
figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, landscape, traditional

After many years as a scriptwriter and director, I began channeling my creative energies into my love of sculpture.  In doing so, I drew from my own subconscious and my interest in the worlds of archetypes, myths, and rituals to create both abstract and figurative pieces.  My figurative sculptures are not based on models, photographs, or actual persons.  Instead, like my abstract work, they arise from memory, imagination, my inner world, and a spontaneous interaction with a variety of materials. 

My primary materials are terra cotta and cement, although I frequently employ wood and various metals as well.  The forms created from these materials are typically covered with a rich textual surface that is often aged or distressed to convey an emotion and a connection that transcend time and culture to bring artist and viewer into a shared inner space.

My work has been described as elegant, yet also earthy and powerful.  It is imbued with a mythic, numinous, and archetypal awareness that comes directly from my process of creation.  My psychological and emotional state while I’m working are also strongly reflected in the sculptures.  Some express a calm, almost beatific sensibility.  Others display extreme disturbance and anguish.  Generally, it is only upon completion of an individual sculpture, or often a series of sculptures, that I’m able to tease out the meaning and significance for me personally.

However, regardless of the emotional impact, I seek a connection with the viewer.  Whether figurative or abstract, my ultimate goal is to have the viewer feel a sense of familiarity with the work...a sense of knowing, of understanding.  I believe this feeling of déjà vu arises from both a collective unconscious and a mystical center we all share.

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