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Swimming upstream, 2007 Digital, Mixed Medium 41" X 41" © © Rick Soto
Floating to the bottom, 2007 Mixed 41" X 41"
Hotter than Georgia asphalt, 2007 Mixed 41" X 41"
Little big rocks, 2007 Mixed 41" X 41"
Come and go, 2008 Mixed 41" X 41" © 2008
Yellow, 2007 Mixed 41" X 41"
white guy, 2007 Mixed 41" X 41" © 2007
Bag boy, 2008 Mixed 41" X 41" © 2008
no title, 2007 Mixed 41" X 41" © 2007
Catching knives in the dark, 2009 Mixed 41" X 41"
We all come from the earth, 2009 Mixed 41" X 41"
one day chicken next day feathers, 2010 Mixed 41" X 41" © ©rick soto 2010
A man's home is his castle, 2010 Mixed 41" X 41" © © Rick Soto 2010
I'm a king bee, 2011 Mixed 41" X 41"
Eye regret my economies, 2011 Mixed 41" X 41"
King bee 2, 2011 Mixed 41" X 41"
Floating to the bottom of the pool, 2009 Print Making, Mixed Media 41" X 41" © © rick soto 2009
Bye-Bye- Birdie, 2012 Mixed 41" X 41" Inches © © Rick Soto
Holly Berrie, 2011 Mixed 41" X 41" © © Rick Soto
My Sorrows, 2015 Mixed Media Digital 41"X41" © © 2015 Rick Soto
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Los Altos, CA
CSUF Fresno, BA
gallery mixed-media, mixed-media, conceptual, landscape, surrealism, modern, photography, digital, photo

Like a lot of us the act of creating art was an act of rebellion or an escape.

When I was 8 years old, art was my escape. My father had just passed on in a work related accident. My mother (at her wits end) enrolled my brother, sister and I in parochial school. The nuns beat the crap out of me. The only thing I could do that pleased the bitches was to draw. And draw I did. Saints, flowers, landscapes, more saints...the works. All the while I learned to forge my mother's handwriting. 3 year later I forged a note that would purge us from parochial school hell. (I got the beating of my life, worth every welt.) However, I did take with me the practice of drawing and creating art.

Fresno State. It may not come top of mind for fine art. Animal husbandry or viticulture, yes, but not fine art. There were a few great teachers and artist there, such as: Terry Allen, Charles Gains and Bill Minchew.

Terry and Charles introduced  "concept" to my world of creating art. No cute flowers, clowns, or landscapes. It was Marcel Duchamp, Ed Rucha, Robert Smithson, Donald Judd, Jasper Johns, Sol Lewitt and on and on. Bill taught me to think big, nothing was out of bounds. I went from "duh" to "Yeah! I get it!" I launched into finding out about so many more artist, dead or alive.

They also introduced us (me) to their friends such as Allen Ruppersburg, John Laddie Dill and Chuck Arnoldi. A great opportunity to talk to these wonderful artist and ask them dumb questions.  If you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be?

My work has been seen in tiny galleries and as a result of a printmaking competition a few pieces have taken a world tour. Even at the SF MOMA.

Today, I continue to create works and as a result I've posted a few examples of my current thinking. I welcome your feedback.

Thanks for your time.


Rick Soto

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