Corrymella Scott

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Row of Crofts Argyll, May 2012 Oil On Canvas 30 X 30 Ins © jolomo
The Spark, the Duke and the Vic, May 2012 Oil On Canvas 40 X 40 Ins © jolomo
An Autumn Sunset Dunrostan Knapdale Argyll, 2016 Oil On Canvas 16x16 In © Jolomo
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landscape, Scottish artist, Scottish contemporary art, painting, drawing, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, modern, traditional, Illustration

Corrymella Scott is Scottish and was born in Edinburgh, brought up in Fife and educated at St Leonard’s School in St. Andrews, Glasgow University and the Sorbonne in Paris.  She grew up amongst paintings and art, especially 20th century and contemporary Scottish Art.  She has mounted exhibitions of Scottish artists in Newcastle upon Tyne since 1987.

Corrymella Scott has mounted exhibitions in London, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Dublin and Newcastle upon Tyne for  a number of well-established  Scottish artists including   BAILEY, Caroline;  BANKS, Lesley; BELLANY, John; BENNIE, Elspeth (sculpture);  BIRRELL, George; BLACKADDER, Elizabeth; BYRCE, Gordon; CARTER, Pam; CHARLES, Jane (glass); COWIE, James; CROWE, Victoria; DEVLIN, George; DOUTHWAITE, Pat; DUNLOP, Alison; EARDLEY, Joan; FERGUSSON, J.D.; FLAVEL, Ray (glass); FULLARTON, James; GARNER, Todd; GIFFORD, Andrew; GLASSAR, Brian (glass); GORDON, Anne; GRAY, Janice; EARL HAIG; HARVEY, Jake (sculpture);  HOUSTON, John; HUNTER, Angela (sculpture); HUNTER, Caroline; HUNTER, Leslie; JOHNSTONE, Louise; KELLY, Brendan; KELSEY, Robert; KEMP, Helen (ceramics); KNOX, Liz; LITTLEJOHN, William; LORENZ, Kirsty; MACDONALD, Anne (sculpture); MACFARLANE, ALICE (ceramics); MACMILLAN, Sheila; MACRAE, Fiona; MACTAGGART, Sir William; MANGAN, Stephen; MATTHEWS, Jenny; McCLURE, David; McDONALD, Jo (sculpture); McINTYRE, Hugh; McLAREN, Peter;   McWHINNIE, Ian; MELROSE, Janet;  MICHIE, David; MORRISON, James; MORROCCO, Alberto; MORROCCO, Jack; MORROCCO, Leon; ORAM, Ann; PEPLOE, S.J.; PHILIPPSON, Robin; REDPATH, Anne;  SAUNDERS, Robert; SCHOFIELD David; SCOULLER, Glen; SIMMERS, Connie; SMITH, Lisa; THOMSON, Alastair W; WALKER, Ethel;  VETTRIANO, Jack;  WISZNEIWSKI, Adrian; WOOD, Christopher.

 Also BRAZIER-JONES, Mark (metalwork, furniture, lighting); BYER, Pat (jewellery) FINLATOR, Hannah; GIFFORD, Andrew; FURLONGER, Peter (engraver); JAMES, Jeremy (sculpture); JAMES, Nick (furniture); KILLER, Paddy (textiles); MACKAY, Ivar (ceramics); McARDLE, Peter; MOORE, Tom;  SCOTT, Paul (ceramics); TYLER, Essex (ceramics); VARAH, Andrew (furniture); WALBEOFFE, Sophie.

 Corrymella Scott Gallery has represented Jolomo since 1998 and has organised every one of his annual solo London exhibitions at The Air Gallery, Dover Street,  including his show in 2005 which was opened by HRH The Princess Royal. Corrymella Scott Gallery also organised Jolomo’s   first international solo exhibition at the Mont Blanc Gallery in Hong Kong in 2001 which was opened by The British Consul Sir James Hodge.

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