Eina Ahluwalia

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The 'Containment' Series, AW'09 Sterling Silver(Gold Plated) And Hand Made Ceramic Pot © Breathing Space 2008
The 'On the Rocks!' Collection, SS'10 Natural Semi Precious Stones And Sterling Silver © Breathing Space 2008
'Pop Art!', AW'09 © Breathing Space 2008
'Kalamkari' Series
'Hammered' Series
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Weaver's Studio, kolkata
JEWELLERY, silver, mixed-media, installation, figurative, conceptual, exhibition/performance

Breath stopping, thought provoking, conversation starting jewellery by Eina Ahluwalia. Her work in silver is evocative & provocative, and initiates a dialogue between the jewellery, the wearer & the viewer. She conceptualizes, researches & executes her jewellery outside the limits of conventions, tradition or techniques. Known for pushing the boundaries of traditional jewellery design to new directions, exploring & crossing over to fine art, this jewellery artist has a loyal following across the world.

about b r e a t h i n g s p a c e

At Breathing Space© we work towards lifting jewellery from mere ornamentation to an INTRICATE, INTIMATE & INTERACTIVE OBJECT OF ART. The label was launched in January 2003, with our niche being ‘INDIVIDUALISTIC STATEMENT JEWELLERY’ and our philosophy, ‘SUBTLE YET POWERFUL’.

Our sensibility is very contemporary, yet we draw inspiration from varied periods, be it Ottoman, Bauhaus or Post Modern. Most inspirations come from designer Eina Ahluwalia’s passions - travel, reading and photography. These translate into capsule collections of limited edition art ornaments (sterling silver with natural semi-precious stones) each season.

Her collections are inspired by who she is, what she feels and how she perceives. As an example, some of her collections are concept based, like the “Containment Collection” which is based on the perfect relationship where one feels accepted, understood & loved, i.e, contained in the other person with all one’s complexities. Others are inspired by travel, like the “Byzantine Collection” which is inspired by the fretwork on the walls of Turkish architecture during the Byzantine period. Still others like the “Nature Series” are a challenge where silver replicates nature- Forests of leaves, barks of trees, frangipani & roses, sea shells & coral reefs, waves, seeds & buds and twiggy nests. On the contrary, collections like “On the Rocks!” are about achieving a perfect balance and harmony between natural semi-precious stones and silver in a subtle but startling way.

Alongside her brand, Eina also works as a design and marketing consultant. As Director-International Marketing & Design for a jewellery export company, she has worked on projects with brands like Aigner, Nina Ricci, Lanvin, Porsche Design and with international brand & lifestyle consultants in Switzerland, Italy & Germany.

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