Alice O'Malley

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Lush Life: Chapters 5-9  
Manuel Acevedo, Derrick Adams, Olivier Babin, Nina Lola Bachhuber, Pedro Barbeito, Robert Beck, Erik Benson, Chakaia Booker, Nanna Debois Buhl, Patty Chang, Tim Davis, Jessica Dickinson, Christoph Draeger, Kai Schiemenz / Iris Fluegel, Dana Frankfort, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Coco Fusco, Paul Gabrielli, Jackie Gendel, Nicolas Di Genova, Melissa Gordon, Robin Graubard, Joanne Greenbaum, Tommy Hartung, Karen Heagle, Leslie Hewitt, Scott Hug, Carol Irving, Ezra Johnson, Rashid Johnson, Jayson Keeling, Alisha Kerlin, Yashua Klos, David Kramer, Justen Ladda, Robert Lazzarini, Patrick Lee, José Lerma, Dani Leventhal, Dana Levy, Amy Longenecker-Brown, Gina Magid, Robert Melee, Alice O'Malley, Paul Pagk, Paul Pfeiffer, Jackie Saccoccio, David Shapiro, Rudy Shepherd, Xaviera Simmons, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, Elisabeth Subrin, Gail Thacker, Jonathan VanDyke, Claudia Weber, Ishmael Randall Weeks, Matthew Weinstein, Judi Werthein, Mario Ybarra Jr. at Collette Blanchard Gallery July 8th, 2010 - August 13th, 2010
Posted 8/7/10
Here's the second half of my post on , a multi-gallery exhibition curated by Franklin Evans and Omar Lopez-Chahoud featuring the works of 60 artists.  Named after and inspired by Richard Price's 2008 novel set in the Lower East Side, the group exhibition is presented in nine neighborhood galleries - each focusing on one of the nine chapters from the book.  Chapters 5-9 are on view at Y Gallery, Collette Blanchard, Salon 94, Scaramouche, and Eleven Rivington, respectively.  The first and last... [more]
- Artslant's Georgia Fee met up with Alice O'Malley at Place d'Alma in Paris.  Alice was in town for the group exhibition, 6 eyes, at galerie du jour-agnès b., which included a number of her photographs. The exhibition was curated by Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons). Georgia and Alice walked from Bert's Cafe up to the Trocadero and over to the Passy Cemetery where Natalie Barney is buried. Along the way, Alice talked about her work, her influences and Natalie Barney. The following exchange... [more]
Follow the Stars   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Antony, William Basinski, Barbara Cummard, James Elaine, Peter Hujar, Alice O'Malley, Kiki Smith at galerie du jour agnès b. April 11th, 2009 - May 6th, 2009
Posted 4/20/09
    Antony Hegarty, the lead singer of Antony and the Johnsons, who has soared to cult prominence with his otherworldly, transgendered performances, has brought together 6 artists for this debut curatorial effort. Upon entering the gallery, we find a poem, lyrics really, from which the title is taken.  This poem describes a pre-birth experience from within the womb of seeing 6 stars which then trail the author's life after birth.  This poem sets the tone for this exhibition by calling forth... [more]