Barbara Greene Mann

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Thank you!
Thank you very much for your kind comments Barbara. Congratulations for your intricate and imaginative creations, hope you'll keep reading my blog! Best, Nicola
Comment by: Nicola Bozzi on Sunday 10/30/11 at 12:30 AM
Mr Gadhafi Better Get Your Ba Ba.
This painting is a description of new non-evasice warfare military system I have devised. Aside from my warning that Mr. Gadhafi may need his blankie of years past, I have a few scientific I made 1. rebels dissolving into backgrounds, i.e. camoflouge, 2, shell proof umbrellas, 3. delli bomb shelters camouflaged as sandwiches. I propbably should be a consultant to the Defense Department. consults available on request.
Comment by: Barbara Greene Mann on Friday 03/25/11 at 11:53 PM