Barbara Greene Mann

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Lucy and the Poacher

Lucy looks the worse for wear, she is non weirht bearing in her right back leg. The keeper tried to hide her bullwhip . Terrible after 35 years lucy is going to break out? Still no boots or winter coat appears to be ccoming. I think II'l knit some snow pants, Maybe someone could do the fronts and I;ll do the back. Lucy most likely was in PTSD when brought in, after the death of her parents.Most likely she has no knowledge or unferstanding that she is an elephant, but if you saw the circus... [more]
Posted by Barbara Greene Mann on 11/3/14

I'm Gonna' Be Rich! You're Gonna' Be THIN! Diet Secret Revealed, LOSE 450 lbs. in One Day, and Maintain It

 I noticed many of you opted in for the maintenance program.First you must join, so I CAN TELL YOU what to do. [more]
Posted by Barbara Greene Mann on 9/1/14

Rooms/ Insanity of the Artistic Lifestyle/ Is it Over Yet?

Rooms/ Insanity of the Artistic Lifestyle/ Is it Over Yet? barb mann, wiser behind the ears / February 4, 2014 Batch ah lore Apartment Where I dwell One small cell Caged like a bird Can’t be heard ( Caption:Samantha on Earth, bottom and right middle, , The lady who was caring for Samantha, my dog,  during my cancer surgery, untilI I  moved, moved Samantha to Heaven. She  had had enough dog watching and now she does it via a remote star.) Create, Masturbate It could be... [more]
Posted by Barbara Greene Mann on 8/31/14

Lucy don't listen to them, but you live in the 2nd worst zoo in the world.

2. Edmonton Valley Zoo (Edmonton, Canada)—Can You Hear Me Now? Four times Edmonton Valley Zoo made the list and now we proudly stand as the second worst zoo in the world. Oh Canada edmonton_wz_2013 What more can we say about the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s stubborn refusal to do right by Lucy? This profoundly social female Asian elephant has lived alone for thirtysix long years in the zoo’s tiny enclosure, locked away for much of the year due to Alberta’s bitterly cold climate. Neither worldwide... [more]
Posted by Barbara Greene Mann on 8/17/14

A Home Ain't A Home without a Newfie Dog.

  Norton, Grandpa’s Newfie dog died  Grandpa looked destroyed as he cried and cried.He said he had a whole in his soulThat wouldn't fill in or let goAfter two tear filled days he jumped into his truckNo good by but we wished him good luckFor two days he didn’t come back, no cell phone to callBut when he returned he said it all There were two black hairy bundles one in each armThat’s even better than one lucky charmHe came home with Norton 2 and 3He swore they brought happiness to every... [more]
Posted by Barbara Greene Mann on 8/17/14

No wealth in my Future, If I Can't Beat 'Em, I'll Fight Harder, Sorry

A change After my weekend with Anik and Bob Proctor in Washington D.C.last weekend, I drew this . A week later A change of plan after my weekend with Anik and Bob Proctor in Washington D.C.last weekendIf You Can't Beat 'Em, Try Again-Revolution Evolution. A Week LaterSorry, changed my mind.Reverse Evolution- Trying to fix everything, new ideas and devices, organizations that everyone says Yea, but no one even looks or does anything. Honey is dinner ready, slurp beer , shit, hate commercials?... [more]
Posted by Barbara Greene Mann on 7/8/14

A Home is not a Home Without a Newfie Dog

/ [more]
Posted by Barbara Greene Mann on 7/7/14

Drawings-for-and-about-eating=disorderhtml [more]
Posted by Barbara Greene Mann on 2/8/13

Faux Zoo Map

            I started this painting  for a show I couldn't afford to submit to but the topic was how we used  stuff up and what was the resulting  mess.Well  no clue in mind, ok., a nice face, 6 " from top of page, a-ha, a hat, ridiculous, a gator hat.  Losing a lot of gators and we should as they come onto the streets of florida and will eat your dog, unless thedog runs fast. Gorillas are disappearing, kangaroos well I haven't a notion. Eventually they all disappered.  This was the... [more]
Posted by Barbara Greene Mann on 2/8/12