Barbara Greene Mann

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Jazz Musicians, February 2017 Mixed Media On Paper 11x 14" © yes
Liz Carr's Mother is in the Audience
The First and the Last , May 2016 Pen And Watercolor And Collage 15 X 11 X 1 Inches © yes
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Detroit, Michigan
Birth year
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Wayne state U, 1973, MFA, BFA
Thomas Jefferson U, 1987, cert. of OT
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Tangled Arts
terroism, world culture, narrative paintings, watercolors, painting, drawing, figurative, mixed-media, conceptual, surrealism, modern, exhibition/performance, Illustration
Seems Like a Million Miles and a Million Paintings, All in the Same Spot.

CV 2016

I graduated with a MFA in Fine Arts from Wayne State University in 1973 in Detroit.  Painted and explored during my maturing era, documenting people’s rooms.

Then in a Christmas Depression which is typical as I am Jewish and  feel so left out as the Christmas Spirit was never communicated to me. My Muse grabbed me by the hand and my artistic dream came true. What took her so long?

Images pouring out of my head onto paper. I rewrote my life events that were bothersome and created new endings.  I cured myself and rarely looked back, only to see if there was anything I had missed. Next, I painted Avatars to help others and then went to fight for the World and now it’s Dreams of Peace.  

I am a painter who tells stories and loves to document the world I live in. Not only the events of today but it’s people, environments, and creatures, who share the planet.  All of  this falls into my realm, with comments so the audience knows what I am thinking. I don’t want anyone to miss my humor, 

So join me  on the  journey, and let my artwork show you my truth with fun for all.


A Peculiar History of Detroit  by Peter O’Keefe, is a testimony that some Detroiters felt I made a difference, documenting places and events of the city. I’m the only artist who has more than one picture. I have all the art pages. Detroit.pdf


                      Toronto, Workman Arts Being Seen, 2017

                        London, Ontario Beauty at the Fusion Gallery, April 2016

                       Toronto, Canada Tangled Festival, Historical Images, Solo Exhibit Feb. 2016

                     Munich, Germany, Durer Gallery, Two Women Show 2015

                     Detroit, MI. Retrospective­ 50 years away, Detroit Painter Returns, 2014

                     New York “Illegitimate and Hersterical”, A.I.R.Gallery,group, 2012

                     Luxembourg, Europe Culture Inside, Competition Winner, 2011­2010

                     Toronto , Being Seen, Barwicki Gallery, Gladstone Hotel, 2012

                     TTC, Commuter Art , Toronto’s Subway, Art in Public Places, 2011

                     Non­traditional Portraits, Nuit Blanc, Propeller Gallery, 2111

                     Solo Exhibit AWOL Gallery, 2010

                     Who Dun’ It, benefit show, Ontario College of Art and Design, 2010


                     Ottawa, the Governor's Mansion, Fashion Couture 2014

                     Toronto Art Gallery of Ontario, Ten Artists design Runway Fashions, 2012



                     Toronto, The Tranzac Club , 2016  

                     Munich, Germany “The Purse heads, “song, poetry, 2015, a one woman show

Film               Calargy Film Festival, Cans As Coffins, 8mm, 2009

        Rendez-View with Madness, 2011


                     At Yorkdale Public Library 1012 , second library in Scarborough 2010


   Beauty and Historic Events, A solo exhibition , Fusion Gallery, London, ON, Apri 2016

  Tangledarts Festival, solo show April 9-27,2015

  Solo Show at Christopher Durr Gallery, Munich, Germany May 2015

  Solo show at the Show Gallery, 2014

  Ridley Hall, Ottawa, home of the Governor General and his wife hosted a Fashion Runway      Show My unique hand painted fashions marched down the runway as I sang my original        song, Shopping.

 Hersterics, A.I.R. Gallery, New York, 2011

 Film  Calgary Truck Film Show Cans as Coffins , 8mm. 2011

 Rendez vous with Madness 2011 Ya" Got Me Now, 1 minute,8mm , Our Empty Nest, 1           min.