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Berkshire Now; Michael Boroniec @ The Berkshire Museum

The BerkshireNow gallery space at the Berkshire Museum will feature a solo exhibition of complex ceramics by Michael Boroniec, September 4 through November 22, 2015. Berkshire Museum is part of Pittsfield’s monthly First Fridays Artswalk events, when admission to the BerkshireNow gallery will be free to the public, from 5 to 8 p.m., on September 4, October 2, and November 6. An opening reception for BerkshireNow: Michael Boroniec will be held on Friday, September 4, at 5 p.m., part of September’s First Fridays Artswalk. Boroniec is known for creating distinct bodies of work and Berks... [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 9/6/15

Michael Boroniec @ Mary Child's Gallery

Michael Boroniec's most recent ceramics will be featured at Mary Child's Gallery through the month of August. To exemplify the organic nature of ceramic materials and processes, Michael Boroniec begins each piece with no preconceived notions and a focus on mark making, allowing the piece to evolve unhindered. The show is a juxtaposition of organic roots and constant innovation. [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 8/16/13

De Barro - Recent Ceramics by Michael Boroniec

De Barro New Works by MICHAEL BORONIEC Artswalk Review by Art Indie...The “De Barro” show was a welcomed challenge for the hard-working sculptor/painter as he illustrated to my colleagues and I how a curved, closed cylindrical shape was carried throughout the sculpture pieces in various stylized appearances to provide unity to the show. The same shape is hinted at in the mixed-media canvases, but more importantly, providing unity of the exhibit, is the fact that these works are done with ceramic materials in various earth tones; pumice, blackbird clay, and terra cotta.The canvases are all about mark-making and... [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 8/7/13

"Honest Abe" - Michael Boroniec

COVET @ FERRIN GALLERY  COVET: Art + Objects | May 26 - September 2COVET: Teapots | May 26 - July 29RECEPTION: Saturday May 26, 4 - 6:00 Tour the show with attending artists * at 3:30          Michael Boroniec sculpts “Honest Abe” a porcelain sculpture illustrating a satirical Lincoln Memorial. The piece was inspired after a visit to Chesterwood, the location where Daniel Chester French developed the original memorial. Surrounded by the original bozzettis, Michael returned to the studio just minutes away to create his rendition of “Honest Abe.” Boroniec takes a journalistic appro... [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 5/26/12

Art of the Market

                         Michael Boroniec                                                                                        Bear or Bull?   Meltdown   With world economies on the brink, and the US dollar in the balance, sculptor Michael Boroniec, USA, continues his genre of art as social commentary with his "Dollar" series.   This body of work makes poignant and timely social statements about a deflated, sick and shriveled economy, an economy hemorrhaging gold and value and the US dollar melting down under social and economic pressures. He augments his sculpture with graphic works ma... [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 8/3/11

Ai InSite; Oil Spill (Boroniec- Press)

Ai InSite;   Responding to the Oil Spill with Art As frustration builds over the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, art is becoming an outlet for some trying to understand, process, and cope with the environmental disaster. From designers rebranding the BP logo to artists who are creating paintings and sculptures inspired by the oil spill, the responses are only natural, according to Beth Remsburg, Graphic Design Instructor at The Art Institute of Indianapolis. “Artists and designers are very passionate people,” she says. “When something motivates us to act, we do. There are certain events that tug at our... [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 7/17/10

TIME OUT: With Gulf oil spill artist Michael Boroniec

TIME OUT: With Gulf oil spill artist Michael Boroniec By Charles Bonenti, Berkshire Eagle Staff Pittsfield, Ma, USA Artist Michael Boroniec declares himself a product of the "information generation." At 26, he is continually alert to present time, confronting a flow of media words and images that are instantaneous and as constant as waves driven upon a beach. "It's what we're living and it's so readily available to us," he said in an interview at The Eagle Tuesday morning. The information flowing out of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico touched off his latest undertaking, an... [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 7/6/10

Crude Awakening: The Artistic Response to the Gulf Oil Spill by Sara Novak @ photo: Ferrin Gallery We've heard nearly every possible angle on the Gulf disaster, from law makers to leaders, residents, and celebrities. The world is outraged over what has gone on in the Gulf over the past few months. But what about the artistic response? Sculptor Michael Boroniec is creating pieces that will remind us long after the news has dwindled about what really happened in the worst ever oil spill. "Crude Awakening" is sculptor Michael Boron... [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 7/1/10


TIME OUT: With Gulf oil spill artist Michael Boroniec By Charles Bonenti Updated: 06/26/2010 10:18:28 PM EDT // var requestedWidth = 0; // if(requestedWidth > 0){ document.getElementById('articleViewerGroup').style.width = requestedWidth + "px"; document.getElementById('articleViewerGroup').style.margin = "0px 0px 10px 10px" Saturday June 26, 2010 Berkshire Eagle Staff PITTSFIELD Artist Michael Boroniec declares himself a product of the "information generation." At 26, he is continually alert to present time, confronting a flow of media words and images that are instantaneous and as cons... [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 6/27/10

The Art Soldier Takes on BP at Ferrin Gallery Michael Boroniec, the sculptor we reported about in April (“Portrait of the Pittsfield Artist As A Young Man”), wasn’t scheduled to have another show at the Ferrin Gallery so soon. But Boroniec’s visceral response to the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is so devastatingly eloquent that Leslie Ferrin decided that his glazed terra cotta pelicans covered in oil and sitting atop an oil drum had to be seen right away. Says Boroniec: “I had to find a way to make this dev... [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 6/18/10

A CRUDE AWAKENING - Michael Boroniec, MA, USA

Michael Boroniec, MA, USA, responds to the on going crude oil disaster in the Gulf Coast using terracotta and a black glaze to create his installation, “Crude Awakening.” His sculptures of pelicans covered in oil sit atop a black oil drum presented in front of an American Flag printed using motor oil silk screened on canvas.  An appropriated Xi Xing teapot is transformed into a barrel with oil stained twigs acting as a spout and handle with a lid fashioned in the form of a pelican. Shore birds are perched on a post stained with tar.  Boroniec channeled his frustration watching the ongoing cru... [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 6/15/10

Portrait of the Pittsfield Artist as a Young Man

Michael Boroniec calls himself an Art Soldier, which is fitting since he’s on the front lines of Pittsfield’s cultural revolution.  A ceramic artist and painter who graduated from Taconic High School and went to the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) on full scholarship, he returned to his hometown after graduating from RISD in 2006 to teach ceramics at his alma mater. “It was an offer that was too good to be true,” he says. “When you leave college, you lose your studio, your wheel and your kiln, and my teaching job provides me with that. My being a working artist is very inspiratio... [more]
Posted by Michael Boroniec on 4/11/10