Marie Lechat

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The Fall or the unexpected End of a Dream, 2017 Stainless Steel Rod And Tubes, Iron Concrete L 250 S L110 X H 180 Cm
Other rythms, Other lives , 2017 Stainless Steel Rods, Concrete Iron L 200 X L 250 X H 210 Cm
Listen to me..., 2017 Stainless Steel Rods, Steel Plate L 135 X L 80 X H 180 Cm © marie lechat
Let me go! The unexpected break up, 2017 Stainless Steel Rods, Steel Plate, Red Enamel Paint L 135 X L 80 X H 180 Cm © marie lechat
Shards, 2016 Stainless Steel, Metal Wire, Spray Paint Dark Blue H 190x L 170xl 60cm © Marie LECHAT
Get out of my way!, 2016 Stainless Steel, Steel Rod H 190x L 270xl 180cm © Marie LECHAT
Are you sure it is this way...?, 2016 Steel, Stainless Steel 200 X 210 X 110 Cm © marie lechat
Looking back, 2015 Steel, Stainless Steel 200 X 100 X 60 Cm © marie lechat
And Time goes by, indifferent to our joys and our pains , 2015 Steel, Stainless Steel 200 X 100 X 70 Cm © marie lechat
Spleen, 2015 Stainless Steel, Steel And Spray Paint 210x170x70 Cm © marie lechat
Fusion, 2015 Steel, Metal Wire And Spray Paint 200 X 100 X 70 Cm © marie lechat
Tide and Time, 2015 Steel, Stainless Steel 310x40x200 Cm © marie lechat
Misunderstanding, 2013 Latex Paint, Wood 140 X 100 Cm © marie lechat
Dialogue, 2013 Latex Paint, Torn Paper 150 X 110 Cm © marie lechat
Growing up?, 2015 Latex Paint On Cardboard 140 X 100 Cm © marie lechat
I am not here, 2015 Latex Paint, Pencil, Cardboard 140 X 100 Centimeters © marie lechat
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Universite Libre Bruxelles, 1979, Contemporary Art History
spontaneous photography sculpture, graphic structures photography drawing

Choreographies of the perpetual dance of life.

After 15 years of successful Contemporary Art Jewellery, I decided 10 years ago to take it a step further and develop a body of work still inspired by the human body, but without the inherent functional aspect of jewellery.

At first, it was the movement as energy that interested me. From it came the Graphic Structures.

But slowly the human shape started to emerge, thanks to the drawings that I made.

Silhouettes on the move, in space or relating to each other.

Contemporary dance has been an important source of inspiration for its emphasis on the human daily movements and gestures of the body.

This is a text of 1996 by Pierre Bourdieu (French sociologist) that summarizes how I build space with the silhouettes:

The idea of difference is at the base of the very notion of space, that is, a set of distinct and coexisting positions which are exterior to one another and which are defined in relation to one another through relations of proximity, vicinity, or distance, as well as through order relations, such as above, below, or between.

Metal remains my favorite material for its flexibility and resilience, as well as the technical rigor involved. Shaping with my hands remains an important feature of how I work. It is the hands that give the material its meaning and emotion.

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Université Libre de Bruxelles: Art  History Phd 1979

Institut Arts et Métiers Bruxelles Jewellery Techniques 1980-1983

Sir John Cass School of Arts London  Metal Techniques 1985-1986

Rijksacademie Anderlecht Brussels Model drawing 1991-1995

Rijksacademie Anderlecht Brussels Photography  2002-2005

Works selected;

  • - Getij Dingen, Koksijdem Belgium
  • - Triennale Européenne du Bijou Contemporain, 2005, Belgique
  • - "Diamant au Masculin", Musée du Diamant, 2004, Antwerp
  • - Troisième Biennale du Bijou Contemporain, 2003, Nîmes, France
  • - World Competition of Arts & Crafts Kanazawa 2001, Japan
  • -"Silver 99", 1999, Poland

Many group exhibitions in Belgium and Europe since 1990


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