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"Dancing with Fools" series- detail shot Mixed Media: Steel, Mesh, Rebar, Papermache, Tar, Feathers, Bells, Organic Matter, Paint, Copper, Teeth Impressions And Much More 11' X 5' X 4'
from the sculpture series- Dancing with Fools Steel, Tar, Mesh, Found Objects, Paint 3.5' X 2' X 2'
Scar_Tissue, 2003 Stainless Steel And Brass Stiching 2' X 1' X 6"
The Visitor, 1999 Solid Bronze And Copper Base 3.5' X 2' X 1'
Crossed Paths, 2004 Mixed Media: Clay, Wood, Metals, Shoe Souls 7' X 2' X 1'
Crossed Paths (detail back side), 2004 Shoe Souls On Wood 7' X 2' X1'
crossed paths-detail of front side -clay head Clay Stoneware Pit Fired Natural Patina Head= 3' X 2' X 5"
Detail from "Crossed paths" Clay
Dorothy, 2004 Clay, Brass Wire, Stones, Wood, Paint, Glaze, Pennies, Flower Petals 5' X 1' X 1'
Dorothy, 2004 Clay Mixed Media Detail
The Guardian, 2003 Clay 4' X 2' X 1'
The Guardian (back side), 2003 Clay 4' X 2' X 1'
Grey, 1995 Ferro Cement, Steel, Pigments 8' X 2' X 1
Grey Detail
The Teacher, 1989 Wood, Brass Nails, Ash 8' X 1' X 1'
Der Wald Mann, restored 2006 Clay, Wood, Metals 6' X 3' X 2'
Der Wald Mann Detail Shot Back Side
Fallen Men, 1995 Clay Relief 4' X 6' X 6"
Fallen men, 1995 Clay Relief 4' X 6' X 6"
Hoof, 1988 Clay 8' X 2' X 3'
The Dream, 1988 Steel, Hydrostone, Pennies, Tar, Ash, Mixed Media 11' X 7' X 4'
The Dream -Detail shot 1988, Steel, Hydrostone, Pennies, Tar, Ash 11' X 4' X 1'
Consumation Clay, Metal, Bullet Shells, Bone 7' X 1' X 1
Rejection, 1989 Clay, Metal, Rock 5' X 1' X 3'
Separation, 1998 Clay 5' X 2' X 3'
Separation Front View
China_mann Clay 4' X 1' X 1
In Honnor Of, 1989 Clay Metals, Bone 7' X 2' X 3'
In Honnor Of - detail shot
The Sigh Clay 2' X 1' X 2'
self portrait Clay 3' X 2'
Woman and Dog, 1996 Ferro Cement And Paint 11' X 3' X 2'
detail from "Woman and Dog" Drina And Cement Dog
Woman and Dog - Detail Ferro Cement. Steel, Paint
The Teacher Wood And Brass Nails Detail Photo
woman and Dog- Detail shot Ferro Cement Dog, Steel, Paint
Wooden woman - Detail photo Wood, Brass Nails, Make Up, Paint 3.5 ' X 1 X 1
Wooden Woman Walnut Wood, Brass Nails, Paint, Make Up 3.5' X 1' X 1'
Silent Night, 2008 Mixed Media Painting 3.5' X 3.5'
Pod People, 2005 Graphite On Paper Mounted On Wood 2' Xx 2.5'
Inside Out, 2008 Mixed Media: Paints, Canvas, Wood, Metals,Mousetraps, Copper Mesh, Jewelry, Paper 3' Tall By 5' Wide
womb of Creation- detail, 2009 Mixed Media: Paints, Canvas, Wood, Metals, Copper Mesh, Jewelry, Paper 3' Tall By 5' Wide
Crazey dog, 2008 Oil Pastel On Paper 9" X 9"
Cat memorial (detail shot), 1-2-2009 Oil Pastel Mixed Media 1.5' X 2'
womb of creation detail, 2009 Detail Shot
:Send Off", 2009 Mixed Media On Wood (Wip) 3.5' X 5'
womb of Creation- detail, 2009 Detail Shot
See Not Clay And Glazes 2.5 Feet By 2 Feet By 1 Foot
Mad_Dog Clay Raku 12" X 9" X 15"
Stephan Clay 4' X 2' X 2'
The Sigh Clay Detail
Stephan Detail Of Head Clay Sculpture
Decomposing woman, 2009 Wax 15" X 3" X 3"
Roll call, 2009 Wax
Traffic Jam, 2009 Wax Heads
Little Birdie, 2009 Wax Sculpture For Foundry
she-knife, 2009 Wax 12" X 2" X 1"
Basket full of heads, 2009 Wax
Masked Angel, 2009 Wax 15" X 2" X 2"
masked angel - detail shot, 2010 Solid Bronze 15" X 2" X 2"
Little Buddha, 2009 Wax
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mixed media 2-d and 3-d
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The Three Ravens Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Diane M Kramer landscape mixed-media, shewolf, Dianna Kramer, DeAnna Kramer mixed-media surrealism installation, landscape, surrealism, modern, photography, digital, figurative, conceptual, sculpture

Short Biography on Artist:

First generation American, Born in Detroit, Michigan. Mom comes from Croatia and my dad came from what was Austria Hungary.

Sculptor and Painter and very much a DOG lover.

After High School I relocated and moved to Northern California where I began a long journey studying the Visual Fine Arts I studied and earned two degrees in Sacramento and  finished with a Master of Fine Arts program in San Francisco .  I was working in mixed media sculpture and abstract assemblages using clay, metals, wood and found objects. This time period was a very experimental phase within the work.

After completing the Master of Fine Arts degree I moved from the city and relocated to a cherry and walnut orchard where I lived and worked as an artist. I began to teach many forms of visual art at art centers and special art programs and later on worked full time at a day school that used the arts for Behavioral Modification. I had the honor of serving  as the visual artist/instructor on board and worked with people who were cognitively, physically, emotionally, and behaviorally impaired. Very important work- for 'the soul' and for the 'art work to come'.

As life would have it-- I returned to  Michigan in 1997 and have taught at a variety of Art Centers, Colleges, after school programs, and I serves as a teaching artist with VSA arts of Michigan teaching people with disabilities.

Currently I am in a state of transition..

Not sure what is next?Art Statement:

All of my work is conceived from within. Just as nature shapes through time its landscapes, I too have been shaped by my past experiences. Much of what I create today stems from my experiences as a young girl, digesting events recounted by my mother and grandmother through a ritual of daily storytelling and dream sharing. This experience became my first profound creative inspiration. The images and feelings that came from listening to their stories and the sharing of nightly dreams have influenced the shape and form of my art. I learned to see by listening not only with my ears but also with my eyes and heart. It became natural for my hands, using elements from my daily environment including nature, to develop these visions into art.

I try to discern the essence of things. Intuition and dream states are channels through which I arrive at the form and content of my work. I am able to focus beyond the immediate visual reality and allow myself to enter a dream state. I am then able to cultivate my images, feelings and forms which connect me to the unconscious world where my images are developed. My work conveys the passage of time and inner worlds

Reflecting who I am as an artist and individual.

Many of the images are also connected to musical vibrations. The vibration of both sound and image are of the same to me. The image like the musical vibration follows a feeling that is rooted in intuition. Art is complex images with feeling that emanates. It becomes whole as it is contemplated. Art, then, is a contemplation of feeling, is the unreflective intuition of being. The art lives in its images.

The materials in each piece play a significant role in the successful conclusion of the work, regardless of whether it is sculpture or painting. My fascination with color, textures, and shapes, and the alchemical process that occurs in the melding of materials, feeling, and form over time have manifested into the completed works which are all  “rooted in intuition”.



I Will add works to both ArtSlant and my Flickr account periodically. Also, I include older works as I feel they are a part of the evolution and journey as an artist.


Thank you for viewing my works!

Diane Kramer

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