Joshua Field

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He Returned But There Was Nothing, 2009 Oil, Acrylic On Canvas 18 X 36 Inches
No Hope for the Fallen, 2009 Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, On Canvas 30 X 40 Inches
She was Lost to Them, 2009 Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal On Canvas 24 X 22 Inches
The Tragedy of False Hope, 2009
Ariadne’s Borrowed Thread, 2008 Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Gouache On Canvas 48x72
In the Minds of the Wicked, In the Minds of the Just , 2007 Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Gouache On Canvas 30x40
Wunderkammer: New Paintings by Joshua Field
Wunderkammer: New Paintings by Joshua Field
Doris Discovers Wealth and Beauty Just Before Dying, 2007 Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Aluminum Paint, Gouache On Canvas 30x40
Wunderkammer: New Paintings by Joshua Field
Wunderkammer: New Paintings by Joshua Field
Wunderkammer: New Paintings by Joshua Field
No Other Answer was Possible (Pilgrimage Triptych), 2008 12" X 111"
Mapping the Invisible
Mapping the Invisible-Window display, 2008
Mapping the Invisible, 2008
Mapping the Invisible, 2008
The Go Between and Arabella’s Explicit Rhetorical : Nocturne, 2008 Acrylic, Oil, Gouache, Charcoal On Canvas 25 X 50 © Joshua Field
The Swift and the Decisive, 2009 Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Gouache On Canvas 18 X 36 © Joshua Field
The Long Traverse, 2010 Mixed Media On Sythetic Fabric 40 X 60
Quick Facts
Birth year
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Denver, CO
Works in
North Adams, MA
MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art), 1995, BFA
University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 2012, MFA
Representing galleries
mixed-media, surrealism

Central to my work is a fascination with a dreamlike unreality where contiguity becomes the reigning principle. In this dreamworld dialectic, the innate and irresistible propensity to make connections drives discovery. Figures become either actors placed in vaguely familiar roles or witnesses to the action at hand. Others become part of a shadow world, sometimes made sinister and other times inactivated as they are engulfed in darkness or disappear into a diaphanous ether. One can’t quite work out purpose or structure but must instead abandon explication in favor of the exploration.

The hallmarks of narrativity, the recognizable way in which objects are rendered or arranged, the use of remotely familiar historical imagery, are all suggestive of a disjunctive narrative but deductive reasoning fails in the same way that dreams force us to navigate a landscape that is internally defined, at once familiar and strange. This use of narrative grammar combined with dissonant contiguity creates an autarchical world where the battles fought, struggles undertaken and dramas played out are all self contained. Much like the currency of our dream lives, the indirect language of contiguity; analogy, metaphor and simile are the lenses through which this world is viewed.


MFA University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts. MFA, painting.

BFA Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland. BFA, General Sculptural Studies.


2018 - The Next Step, Gallery 104, New York, NY

2017- All That RemainsFront Range Community College, Longmont, CO (solo)

2017- In AbsentiaRotunda Gallery, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, Denver, CO (solo)

2017- Matters on PaperSandra Phillips Gallery, Denver, CO

2017- Arternative FactsThe Road Gallery, New York, NY

2017- CloudlandsAlbany International Airport Gallery, Denver, CO

2017- In Between MeetingsIn Between Meetings, Lakewood, CO

2016- CROP: New Art from the BerkshiresBerkshire Art Association, Pittsfield, MA

2016- Open OpeningCounterpath, Denver, CO

2015- Into This Valley of HandsC Gallery, North Adams, MA (solo)

2014- The SeedChashama Gallery , New York, NY

2014- Friends ContemporaryPHILLIPS de PURY, New York, NY

2013- TEN SPOTLichtenstein Center for the Arts, Pittsfield, MA

2013100 Hours in the Woodshed MCLA Gallery 51, North Adams, MA 
Curator: Susan CrossMASS MoCA

2012- COVETFerrin Gallery, Pittsfield, MA

2012- The End of HistoriesHerter Gallery, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA

2012- We Dream in the Daytime TooDescry Art Projects at Photobooth SF, San Francisco, CA 

Curators: Chelsea Rae Klein, Descry Art Projects and Gregory Bartlett, The Spare Room Project

2011- GLIMPSE: Enigmatic VisionsWilliam Bennett Gallery , New York, NY
Curator: Alessia Maiuri

2011- When Your Leg Spends the Night in the WaterUniversity Galleries, Illinois State University, Normal, IL

2011- 100 Hours in the Woodshed: Collage BiennialMCLA Gallery51, North Adams, MA

2010- Small Wonders Jordan Faye Contemporary, Baltimore, MD

2010- Spectacular SightsGallery KG52, Stockholm, Sweden

2010- Cultural Corridor Storefront Artists Project , Pittsfield, MA 
Curator: Susan Cross, MASS MoCA

2010- Emerging ArtistsDaniel Cooney Fine Art , Chelsea, NYC

2009- Shameless Self PromotionUniversity Museum of Contemporary Art, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

2009- Art BazaarLyons Wier Gallery, Chelsea, NYC

2009- SCORED! Berkshire Fringe Festival, Great Barrington, MA

2009- On Shores of PitchDownstreet Art, North Adams, MA

2009- Fairy TaleAG Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Curator: Tomoko Ashikawa, Artists Space

2009- 200 LincolnsChicago Art Deprartment, Chicago, IL

2009- Woodshed II: The Next Hundred HoursMCLA Gallery51, North Adams, MA

2008- Mapping the Invisible MCLA Gallery51, North Adams, MA

2008- Get Out of Jail FreeMarin Arts Council, San Rafael, California

2008- RED DOT Art Fair, NYC , with Brenda Taylor Gallery, NYC

2008- WUNDERKAMMER: New Paintings by Joshua Field, Kolok Gallery, North Adams, MA 
Solo Exhibition [Read review by John Mitchell]

2007- Contemporary Berkshires , Kolok Gallery, North Adams, MA

2007- The Most Curatorial Biennial of the Universe, apexart, Tribeca, NYC

2007- Second Coming, Kolok Gallery, North Adams, Massachusetts

2007- Angels and Demons, Annual National Juried CompetitionUAG Gallery, Albany, New York

2007- Get Out of Jail Free BenefitVisual Aid, San Francisco, California
Curator: Maysoun Wazwaz, Southern Exposure

2007- Square Foot Show , Art Gotham, Chelsea, NYC

2007- Suckers and Biters: Love, Lollipops, and the Exquisite Corpse, AdHoc Art, Brooklyn, New York 
Curator: Jeff White, Museum of Modern Art, NYC

2006- Anonyme Zeichner 3bluetenweiss, Berlin, Germany

Curator: Anke Becker


MFA- 2012University of MassachusettsAmherst, Massachusetts. MFA, painting.

BFA- 1996 Maryland Institute College of ArtBaltimore, Maryland. BFA, General Sculptural Studies. Double Minor, Art History and Poetry. Summa Cum Laude.

Degree- 1992 Pinellas County Center for the ArtsSt. Petersburg, Florida. Four-Year Fine Arts School.


2012- Guest Lecturer, Tricks of the Trade: Political Art, IS183, Stockbridge, MA

2012- Guest Contributor, New American Paintings

2010-12 Guest Lecturer, B-HIP Arts Management Program, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

2008- Selected for the 2009 Florence Biennial, Florence, Italy

2007- PanelistMCLA Berkshire Cultural Resource Center, North Adams, MA

1998- Residency, Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams, MA

1996- Visiting Artist, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

1995- Guest Speaker, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

Division of Cultural Affairs, Burlington County New Jersey 

2008, David McLaughlin, "Inside the Berkshires", Pentacle Press 
2008, Georgia Fee, "Interview with Joshua Field", ArtSlant
2007, John E. Mitchell, "Mr. Field's Amazing Cabinet of Wonders", The Transcript


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