Pepe Villegas

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Heineken Mural detail, July 2, 2009 Mural
Me gusta cantarle al mundo, 10/06/2010 Drawing
Quick Facts
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Birth year
Lives in
New York
Works in
New York
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn
Representing galleries
Charles Cowles Gallery- NYC, Viota Gallery-San Juan, Puerto Rico
digital_photography, architectural mixed-media pop, video-art, modern, photography, digital, graffiti/street-art, figurative, exhibition/performance


Stemming from his foundation as a successful architect, Puerto Rican artist Pepe Villegas has deftly utilized his innate creative abilities braced by a powerful dogmatic upbringing to set on a journey of intimate communication and expression; hence suffusing his art with deep-seeded details of innermost feelings.

A graduate Architect from Pratt Institute, Mr. Villegas worked at the offices of renowned Architect I.M.Pei, and the late landscape architect Bruce Kelly in the early 90’s.

In 1991, a hard-to-resist opportunity landed Pepe on Bruce Weber’s Vogue Magazine 100-year anniversary editorial, a life-changing event that positioned Mr. Villegas among the most reputable agencies in the modeling world. Travels and the exposure to different cultures, collateral benefits of the modeling world, marked a turning point in Mr. Villegas life, a chance to discover his true love, art.

Like a sommelier can highlight the essence of a fine wine, Mr.Villegas multi-media sophistication captures and exposes a spectrum of elements, meanings, and symbolisms contained within the subject matter. He decodes the perceptible into a distinctive manifestation by means of the lens of a camera or the brush on a canvas.

Pepe Villegas’ creative journey embodies a search, a sublime process of unveiling beauty in the unconventional. He chooses to create a voice; a memory, still or in motion; a way of expression, his own language, by and through his own thoughts; dreams and curiosity,

His body of work is a chronicle of contemporary visualization abounding  of intellectual and spiritual substance.

"I choose to see only with eyes of Love”. Pepe Villegas