Catherine Nash

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Reliquary to the Dawn, 2011 Mixed Media Assemblage With Vintage Drawer, Encaustic, Nautilus Shell, Antique Market Finds, Raku Fired Ceramics, Lashed Pine Needles From The Gila Wilderness, Nm Gathered At Dawn. 14”H X 13”W X 5”D © ©C.Nash
Eclipsis Lunar, 2011 Mixed Media Assemblage, Encaustic Ptg In An Antique Box, Wax Pencil And Chalk Drawing Of A Ca. 1552 Lunar Eclipse Diagram On An Old School Slate; Antique Copper Compact, Mica, Branches, Handmade Paper W. Walnut Ink & Encaustic. 17.5”H X 25”W (Open) X 10”D © ©Catherine Nash
From the Outside In, 2011 Encaustic Painting In Found Weathered Wood Worked Board With Patinaed Redwood Shingles. 16”H X 13”W © ©Catherine Nash
Phases, 2011 Mixed Media Assemblage In An Antique Sewing Machine Drawer, Wood Carving, Encaustic Branch, Roots, Paper “Leaves”, Seeds, Mirror, Nautilus Shell. 31”H X 9”W X 6”D Wall Mount © ©Catherine Nash
The Circle Cannot Be Squared, 2011 Assemblage With Vintage Drawer, Antique Market Finds, Encaustic, Raku Fired Ceramics, Log, Circle Rock Found In The Four Corners Area Of Northern Arizona. 15”H X 17”W X9”D © ©Catherine Nash
Osirion, 2011 Encaustic Painting On Wood, Gossamer Thin Japanese Kozo Paper Monoprinted With Cerulean Blue Encaustic, Oil Stick Filled Sgraffito Marks. 15”H X 30”W © ©Catherine Nash
Spiral, 2009 Encaustic Painting On Assembled Wood Panels, Oil Stick 21”H X 34”W © ©Catherine Nash
Geometry Lesson, 2010 Encaustic Painting In An Antique Drawer; Wax Pencil And Chalk On Old School Slate; Page From A Vintage Japanese Math Book; Cross Section Of A Nautilus Shell; Antique Calipers; Photo Of Galaxy 51, Oil Stick. 17.5”H X 32”W © ©Catherine Nash
Quick Facts
University of New Hampshire, 1980, BFA Printmaking and Drawing
Kyoto Seika University of Fine Arts, 1987, studies in moku hanga and washi
University of Arizona, 1988, MFA Mixed Media
Representing galleries
assemblage mixed-media landscape, hand papermaking, encaustic installation painting, sculpture