Derek Weisberg

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The Bridge is Over (installation detail), 12/10 Ceramic and Wood Vary © courtesy of the Artist and Anno Domini
Echoes Illuminating the Darkness XXI, 2009 Ceramic Sculpture © Derek Weisberg
Ceramic © Anno Domini
Olam Haba, 2009 Ceramic and Candles Vary
The Dunce is Always Lonely, 2010 Ceramic
Auroral Dreams, 2010 Ceramic
Youre Too Sensitive, 2010 Ceramic
That Which My Eyes Wish to See, 2010 Ceramic and Mixed Media 58” X 13” X 19” © Courtesy of the Artist and Anno Domini
Beneath a Widowed, 2015 Ceramic and Mixed Media 34 X 30 X 19 Inches
Quick Facts
Lives in
Oakland, CA
mixed-media, realism, graffiti/street-art, figurative, sculpture

I create works of art that are emotional and psychological self-portraits. Through my work I aim to make sense of my life, my experiences, and the times I live. I do not wish to represent like a photo, instead to achieve an innerness. My goal is to create images, which are accessible and allow the viewer to have an experience which can not be easily articulated, but felt. Simultaneously igniting contemplation, reflection and a lasting relationship with the work. I attempt to express basic human qualities, which are universal and timeless. At its core the works reflect humanist ideology; searching for truth and universal morality based on the commonality of the human condition.

Through thought, feelings become knowledge. To know ones feelings is to know ones self. especially through experiencing feelings, which are uncomfortable and unfamiliar: pain melancholy, etc. When my mother passed away I began to include these feelings as well as themes of death, afterlife, spirituality and the metaphysical into my work. While still philosophically closer to a secular point of view, for my mother's sake, I want to believe in an afterlife. In traditional Jewish thought, The voyage of the soul is dependent upon the actions of the ones who are living. in my case the actions are carried out through making my art. Making this work became a ritual to continue the existence of my mother or at least a spiritual existence. The actions are meant to bless, help, and accompany the deceased on its journey.

To experience death is to experience the most unique situation in life; it is simultaneously completely familiar and alien, definitive and confusing, guaranteed and mysterious. This work Is a combination of all those things and has been a way to help me navigate through and reconcile with the loss of my mother.

Derek Weisberg Resume

671 24th Street, Unit A, Oakland CA 94612

(707) 980-1060


2005, BFA in ceramics, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland CA

Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions


"You Were Almost Extinct Too", Florida Atlantic University, John D. Macarthur Library Gallery, Jupiter, FL


"Mine Us One", with James Kirkpatrick, Hatch Gallery, Oakland, CA
"The Moth, The Flame, and the Returning Comet, part 2", Stumble Upon Office, San Francisco, CA
"The Moth, The Flame, and The Returning Comet" with Matt Rebholz, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA
"Olam Haba The World To Come," Rowan Morrison Gallery, Oakland, CA


"Sugar and Spice and Everything's Not So Nice" with Crystal Morey, Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, GA
"Victoria Everlasting," Anno Domini, San Jose CA


Two-person exhibit with Stan Welsh, 12 and Taylor Gallery, San Jose, CA
"Often Forgotten" with Mike Simpson, Boontling Gallery, Oakland, CA


"Waiting Heavy," Center Gallery, Oakland, CA

Group Exhibitions


"Things Are Expanding," Swarm Gallery, Oakland, CA
"The Bridge is Over," Lopo Gallery, San Francisco, CA
"Monster Show 5," Domy Books and Gallery, Austin & Houston, TX
"As They See It," 941 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
"Ceramics Annual of America," Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
"Trophy Room," Five Points Art House, San Francisco, CA
"The Travel Show," Dalet Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
"Cynosure," Worht Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
"Selections from Olam Haba," Episco Disco, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA
Works on consignment with London Miles Gallery, London, England
"Art for Aids Auction," Bonhams and Butterfields, San Francisco, CA
Ceramic Research Center featured artist, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA


"Fresh Produce 9," Anno Domini, San Jose, CA
"Mutant Anxiety," Michael Rosenthal Gallery, San Francisco, CA
"House Warming," Terminal Gallery, Oakland, CA
"Space 1026 art auction", Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA
"Full Deck," The Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA
"This Long Road," Compound Gallery, Oakland, CA
Cal Shakes Outdoor Sculpture Show, California Shakespear Theatre, Orinda, CA
"Art for Aids Auction," Bonhams and Butterfields, San Francisco, CA


"Preview 09," Hatch Gallery, Oakland, CA
"( C ) a Salon in Piedmont," Piedmont, CA
"Fresh Produce 8," Anno Domini, San Jose, CA
"Diverse Chorus," Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany
"There, New Art from Oakland," di Rosa Preserve, Sonoma, CA
"Echoes Of The Ancients," J and J Gallery, Traveling Exhibit
"Muchachos," Standard Clay CO, NCECA, Pittsburgh, PA
"Art of the Community," Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA


"RoMoLoCo," Rowan Morrison, Oakland CA
"Head Count," Guerilla Café , Berkeley, CA
"Fresh Produce 7," Anno Domini, San Jose, CA
"Tree Trimming II," J Flynn Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
"Happy Endings," The Lab 101 Gallery, Culver City, CA
"In the Mix," Cannibal Flower, Ghetto Gloss, Silverlake, CA
"The There, There," Esteban Sabar Gallery, Oakland CA
"JCMAS," Conference Room Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
Java St group Show, Java St. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Two man exhibit, with Stan Welsh, 12 and Taylor Gallery, San Jose, CA
"Inner Workings," Melting Point Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Group show, Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, GA
"A Lasting Impression, Ceramic Figures," Esteban Sabar Gallery, Oakland CA
"Picks of the Harvest," Think Space, Los Angeles, CA
"Clay Figures," Red Ink Gallery, San Francisco, CA
"Art Head," Swarm Gallery, Oakland CA
"Fully Blown," Division 9 Gallery, Riverside, CA
"Craft Now, American Craft Show," Baltimore, MD
"Often Forgotten," Boontling Gallery, Oakland, CA
Group Show, Think Space Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Art of A Community," Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA


Group show, Think Space, Los Angeles CA
"Winter Wonderland," the Lab 101, Culver City Los Angeles, CA
"Fresh Produce," Anno Domini, San Jose, CA
"50 at the 9," Division 9 Gallery, Riverside, CA
"Peep," Red Ink Gallery, San Francisco, CA
"Shanty Town," Lab 101 Gallery, Culver City LA, CA
"Virus," Lobot Gallery, Oakland, CA
Group show, "Mark of The Beast," Dragon Gallery, Covina CA
Three man show, Mark Canepa Gallery, El Cerritto, CA
Two man show "Lost and Found," Boontling Gallery, Oakland, CA
"The Family of Clay," 55 years of ceramic alumni at CCAC, Tecoah Bruce Gallery, Oakland, CA
"These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty," Dragon Gallery, Covina, CA
"The Board Show," The Unkown Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT


"Fresh Produce," Anno Domini, San Jose, CA
"Moving Mountains," Architectural Elements, San Francisco, CA
"Narratives in Clay," Virginia Brier Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Home show, Glashoff Sculpture Ranch, Fairfield, CA
"Florjadores se Suenos," Casa de Ensuenos art Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexico
"From Tiles to Totems, A century of Northern California Ceramics" Arts Foundry Gallery, Sacramento, CA
"De Corazon a Corazon," Casa de Ensuenos art gallery, Guadalajara, Mexico
"Human Landscape" two person show, Boontling Gallery, Oakland CA
"Overhung," Boontling Gallery, Oakland, CA


"Best of junior review," juried group show, Oliver Gallery, Oakland, CA
CCAC ceramics Department Group show, CCACA, Davis, CA
Watershed Cup Show, Toki Gallery, Berkeley, CA
Pacific Rim Sculpture Group, "Bay Area Student Sculpture Biennial," 600 Townsend Building, San Francisco, CA
All College Honors, juried group show, North Gallery Oakland, CA
One Man Show "Waiting Heavy," Center Gallery Oakland, CA
"Outclassed" juried group show Toki Gallery, Berkeley, CA


"Terra Forma," juried group show, Arts Benicia Gallery, Benicia, CA
"Global Aerosol Dominion," at Liminal gallery, Oakland, CA
"Visions in Clay" juried group show, Reynolds Gallery, Stockton, CA
Work displayed at the Superior Court of Contra Costa County, Martinez, CA
"The Art of Clay," juried group show, Caesar Chavez Gallery, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
Sculptures showing at Leslies Ceramics in Berkeley, CA


"Ceramics worlds greatest hobby," North Gallery, Oakland CA
"Beyond Reality," Toki Gallery, Berkeley, CA



Searchlight Artist, 1 of 10 nationally selected emerging Craftsmen/women


Best of Junior Review
All College Honors Marjorie Benedict Scholarship
Clayfolk West Coast Regional Scholarship


Honorable mention at "Visions in Clay," Reynolds Gallery, Stockton, CA



Oakland Museum of California
Glasshoff Sculpture Ranch

Private collections per request