Sara Ray

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Black Tar Day Oil On Canvas © sararay2008
The Trouble With ZOmbies Oil On Canvas © sararay2008
Jungle Bar Oil On Canvas © sararay2008
Show Opening shot © shotbybabs2008
Beatnik DiMilo Oil On Canvas © shotbybabs2008
Show Opening 2 © Shotbybabs2008
California Screaming 3
Pride of the Fleet, 2007 Oil On Canvas © sararay2008
Quick Facts
Los Angeles California
Birth year
Lives in
Long Beach California
Works in
Long Beach California
Self Taught
Representing galleries
Jem Gallery, Lucky Red, Gasoline Gallery, Two Bits Gallery, drkrm
Art, outsider, and, surf, Tiki, Kulture, Kustom, LOWBROW, portraits, guitars, tattoo, death, vintage, cars, motorcycle, pinup, surrealism

Reclusive painter. I specialize in Hot Rods, Pin ups, and World War II scenes . You've seen my artwork on record covers, magazines, Fender and Gretsch Guitars ,T Shirts,posters, art /military museums etc.Need something custom done? E mail me.Im most likely found locked up in my studio drinking coffee and hopefully painting. Spend my free time trying to get a ride in a stuka ,hiding in the woods with my pal the angry stag and finding parts for my 53 Nailhead.If i could have anything today,it would be a cabin in a damp rainy wood deep in a far away land,a couple goats for company,lots of bear traps beware,so if you have old growth forest land youd like to trade for art or a couple hot rods,drop me a line,im ready.Want to know more-check the website-

 I was born around 980 AD, sorry I don't have a better date my calendar was a stick. I was on a voyage with my cousin Leif Eriksson when we got lost chasing his "lucky" hat that blew off around Iceland. We met some new people and planned a brewery in the new territory. I was teaching the natives to make beer and fermented salmon when Leif took off after his hat again and forgot me. I waded out into the ocean and froze into a block of ice. I believe I was displayed at Coney Island until I thawed out around 1942, the same day a German U boat attacked the eastern seaboard, which I thought it was my long ship returning for me. I talked my way onto the submarine in exchange for a bag of Nathan's hot dogs. The U boat ended up in a shipyard in France for repairs. I operated a tank wash and detail shop near Berlin until a problem in 1945 closed business. With just my accordion and some salted Herring I hid to sleep in a pile of ammo crates to avoid the Russians. When I woke I was on an American B 17 headed back to the east coast to be scrapped into pre-fab housing. I was quickly put in a military prison for not having any identification, an accordion stuffed full of Reich marks and a thick Norwegian accent. I was able to escape by using half a pickled herring as an explosive and stole the COs staff car. I drove straight to the West coast to try to find a new Long ship thinking I was headed east and jot a job tattooing down at the Pike.Im still stuck in Long Beach scanning the port everyday for the sails of my returning countrymen and fermenting salmon in my backyard.

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