Hooshang Khorasani

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Passion, 2010 Acrylic Mixed Media On Canvas 30x40 Inches © Hooshang Khorasani 2010
Color Storm, 2010 Mixed Media On Canvas 48 X 48 X 1.50 Inches © Hooshang Khorasani
Color Storm II, 2010 Mixed Media On Canvas 48 X 48 X 1.50 Inches © Hooshang Khorasani
Inside The Black Stone #2 Mixed Media On Canvas 30 X 30 X 1.50 Inches © Hooshang Khorasani
Color Storm Abstraction #3, 2011 Mixed Media On Canvas 36x36 Inches © Hooshang Khorasani 2011
Color Storm XIX, 2011 Acrylic/Mixed Media On Canvas 36x36 Inchess © Hooshang Khorasani 2011
Color Storm From The Deep, 2011 Mixed Media On Canvas 36x36 Inches © Hooshang Khorasani
Color Storm Peak, 2011 Acrylic/Mixed Media 36x36 Inches © Hooshang Khorasani
Color Storm Windows, 2011 Mixed Media On Canvas 36x36 Inches Each
Color Storm Allegro Acrylic/Mixed Media On Canvas 36x36 Inches © Hooshang Khorasani 2012
Color Storm Abstraction, 2012 Acrylic/Mixed Media On Canvas 36x36 Inches © Hooshang Khorasani 2012
Window Color Storm, 2011 Acrylic Mixed Media On Canvas 36x36 Inchrs © Hooshang Khorasani
Color Storm Path, 2012 Acrylic Mixed Media On Canvas 36x36 Inches Each © Hooshang Khorasani
Autumn Acrylic Mixed Media On Canvas 30x30 Inches
Days Of Blue Acrylic Mixed Media On Canvas 48x60 Inches © Hooshang Khorasani
Radiance Acrylic Mixed Media On Canvas 36x36 Inches Each © Hooshang Khorasani
Neon Night, 2012
Lakeside Sunset, 2012 Acrylic Mixed Media 20x20 Inches Each, Set Of 3 © Hooshang Khorasani 2012
Springtime View, 2014 Acrylic Mixed Media On Canvas 6x6 Inches Each © Hooshang Khorasani 2014
Following The Tumbleweed, 2011
Color Storm Journey, 2013
Color Storm Sonata, 2011
After the Sunset, 2013 Acrylic Mixed Media On Canvas 8x8 Inches (Set Of 2) © Hooshang Khorasani 2013
Color storm on the corner, 2014
Following the Tumbleweed, 2012 Acrylic Mixed Media On Canvas 30x40 Each, Set Of 2 © Hooshang Khorasani 2012
Subtle Color Storm, 2015
Passion, 2010 Acrylic Mixed Media On Canvas 30x40 Inches © Hooshang Studio
Untitled, 2010
Range Of Emotions, 2009
Days Of Gray, 2013
Stormy Evening, 2012
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Lives in
Orange County, CA; and Ruston, LA
Works in
Orange County, CA; and Ruston, LA
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For me as I work, every second of feeling brings brush strokes on top of each other.  The result is brushwork completed over a period of time and days. Later, I find that no change is possible because at that time, the finished work is locked. It's not possible for even me to duplicate the piece – because that time and the feelings of that exact moment are past. And tomorrow will be another day to start work again – and see where we will go.

Regarding my Ladies Series: The subject is a beautiful, mysterious woman – the lady you see everywhere, but you don’t know her. Her face is in the shadows; her identity, only partly disclosed. With my work, I seek to find the energy and inner life within my subjects without fully revealing them. I try, as it were, to unveil the mysteries and beauties of the world around me. I like to think that each time a viewer looks at my paintings, there will be something new to see.

Regarding my abstracts:   For me, "abstract" is a feeling that finally turns into a form - a form that flows. I paint in layers, adding texture, but it’s as if the paint itself takes part in the creative process.  I’m the tour guide on the journey, but there’s another participant:  My hands are virtually channeled into a universal source of energy.  And that energy, in turn, pulses through my brushes and artist tools.


Hooshang is an internationally exhibited artist who maintains a working studio in Ruston, LA, and Orange County, CA.

His art career began early – when a newspaper published one of his drawings at age 7. Enrollment in an arts-centered high school followed, then college and a BFA in painting. His early professional years included 12 years as a graphic designer and an award-winning illustrator of children's books.

Since 1984 he has worked as a self-employed artist in America and Spain. His paintings are displayed in private collections in England, in Spain, in Belgium and across the United States as well as in corporate collections of Club Mirafloras (Spain), Holiday Inn, Regions Bank, Federal Home Loan Bank, Stevens Inc., Bank of Ruston and others. They are also part of the permanent collection of Lake Eustis (FL) Museum of Art.

Hooshang's work reflects a bold contemporary style, with hues that alternate between muted and highly energized. His paintings are in acrylic and mixed media, and range from brushwork to washes to work with a palette knife. He paints on canvas and paper.

This award-winning artist has been featured in exhibits, represented by galleries and associated with museums throughout the country. For example, he was spotlighted in solo exhibitions in 2015 at Legacy Fine Art Gallery in Hot Springs, AR; in 2012 at Art Innovations in Ruston, LA; in 2006 at Church Street Gallery of Rockport, TX; in 2000 at the Keathley University Center Gallery at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro; and in 1999 at the University CenterArt Gallery at Louisiana State University-Shreveport.

Gallery affiliations have included Signature Gallery in Tallahassee, FL; The Cottage Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA; Brunner Gallery, Covington, LA; Phoenix Gallery, Topeka, KS; Tamarack Gallery, Naples, FL; Wade Gallery, Fine Art in San Antonio, TX; and more.

His work has also been shown at such museums as Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, MT; Fort Collins (CO) Museum; Ormond Memorial Art Museum in Ormond Beach, FL; Sullivan County Museum in Woodbourne, NY; Masur Museum in Monroe, LA; Louisiana State Museum in Baton Rouge; Rawls Museum Arts in Courtland, VA; Attleboro (Mass.) Arts Museum; Highlands Museum of The Arts  in Sebring, FL; and Andrews Art Museum in Andrews, NC.

Lately his works have been featured in several art books including: Studio Visit, published in Massachusetts; Masters of Today and Trends, published in London; New Art International, published in New York; and The New Faces of Art, published in Florida.

He also has been tapped by METcolors of Oklahoma City and Bentley Publishing Group of Austin, TX, with earlier publishing credits including NextMonet, a fine art publishing company in San Francisco, CA.