Patricia Iglesias

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Mal de amores 14, 2009 Oil On Wood Panel 53"X74"
Mal de amores 13, 2009 Oil On Wood Panel 53"X74"
Mal de Amores 11, 2009 Oil On Wood Panel 53"X74"
Mal de Amores 10, 2009 Oil On Wood Panel 53"X74"
Mal De Amores 7, 2009 Oil On Wood Panel 53"X74"
Mal De Amores 6, 2009 Oil On Wood Panel 53"X74"
Floor Plan 12, 2009 Oil On Mylar 24"X36"
Floor Plan 11, 2009 Oil On Mylar 24"X36"
Floor Plan 9, 2009 Oil On Mylar 24"X36"
Floor Plan 8, 2009 Oil On Mylar
Floor Plan 7, 2009 Oil On Mylar 24"X36"
Floor plan I, 2008 Mixed Media On Vellum 24 X 36 Inches © Fake Estate
Quick Facts
Buenos Aires ,Argentina
Lives in
New York
Works in
New york
Representing galleries
Wussman Gallery Argentina , Buenos Aires , Fake Estate New York

My visual lexicon of shapes evolved from my fascination with everyday objects, even the simplest household tools. Simultaneously ethereal and tangible, these

move at relativistic speeds, indicating a complex and invisible web of oppositional forces. At times, in my work I expose them in an intimate form and others in a monumental scale 

They now form MY “vocabulary of images”.

They too converse and disconnect, they grow and fight, attack, play and explode.

My work is about accumulation, psychological baggage, chaos. They grow out of my own obsessions .

They encompass the world we see in that of their relationships and narrative, and the world we don’t but that is just as real.

My compositions throughout my work are the evidence of the differences between the parts and the whole. It is a game of the perception of appearances, of how microscopic particles organized in a certain way can be a corral reef and in another way a chair.

 In the last series of paper scrolls and drawings I have been working on affliction is  deliberately chosen as the topic, and how these shapes will react.

But all of this is ultimately my excuse to use color.


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